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Package-DVD-DT&I Grand Trunk (9 PAK Collectors Edition)



Volume 1 begins with Henry Ford’s railroad in the 1920’s, and his building of the DT&I. Then the program continues with famed rail photographer Emery Gulash’s 16mm color photography of the railroad in the 1960’s.

We’ll see first and second generation diesels, at Toledo, Detroit, Ironton, and many more locations. Then in the early to mid 80’s, videographer Steve Neff began following the DT&I and captured its intergration with the Grand Trunk Railroad on professional video.

Approx: 53 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



During the early to mid 80’s video photographer Steve Neff captured action on the old DT&I as it merged into the Grand Trunk Railroad. All the mainline action from Glen Jean, Ohio to Flat Rock, Michigan can be found in this video.

Volume 2 takes over where Volume 1 left off, and follows the railroad after the merger with the Grand Trunk in late 1983.

Approx: 53 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



This video will take you back to the 1980’s right after the 1981 consolidation on the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton with the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. You will see every color scheme imaginable between these two roads including the popular “1776” bicentennial red, white, and blue scheme.

The first portion of this video deals with films taken by Fr. Dale Peterka of the Cincinnati area. You’ll see street running in Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, views of the L&N’s Decoursey Yard, bridge crossings over the Ohio River and much more. Fr. Dale then takes us north for a quick look at Quincy, Ohio where the DT&I crosses Conrail’s (former NYC) mainline at grade.

You’ll see the famous six bladed semaphores still in action controlled by the operator at Morgan Tower and watch a northbound DT&I train rumble across the scenic High Bridge Trestle just north of Quincy. The second part of this video was shot at Waverly, Ohio in the mid-80’s by Steve Neff. Watch the DT&I/GT trains maneuver into the N&W interchange yard at Waverly, visit Gregg’s Hill which many railfans consider one of the most scenic train watching spots in southern Ohio, then see the DT&I backing their long trains (caboose first) all the way to Waverly while trains on the C&O and N&W make cameo appearances. One hour, color, sound, and narration.

Approx: 60 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



Shot in the early 1980’s -See both DT&I, GT, and hybrid paint schemes -Coverage includes: Chillicothe, Musselman, Frankfort, Austin, Washington CH, Fayne, Jeffersonville, South Charleston, Thorps, and Springfield, Ohio -See three EMD SD-60 demonstrators pulling a loaded coal train on now abandoned right-of-way Color, sound, narration, and maps, One hour

Approx: 60 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



Join us for a tour of the former DT&I/GTW Railroad in the middle 80’s. Our visit will start with the Cincinnati Gateway and end with the Delta Hill in the northwestern part of Ohio. Locations include: L&N’s Decoursey Yard, Queensgate Yard, Maud Hill, Miamisburg, Dayton, Fairborn, Enon, Cold Springs Jct., Maitland, Tremont City, Thackery, St. Paris, Quincy Siding, Quincy, Jackson Center, Uniopolis, Ford Park (Lima), DT&I Jct., Columbus Grove, Hamler, Malinta, the Maumee River Bridge, and Delta Hill.

You will also see four towers and they include: Cold Springs, Morgan, “CG” (Columbus Grove), and Hamler. We’ll even take you inside Cold Springs and Morgan Towers. For your enjoyment, this program also includes pacing shots between Columbus Grove and Ottawa, Ohio. Cabooses are in abundance as well as a cornucopia of engine paint schemes including the last locomotives that the DT&I purchased (GP40-2’s) in the new star logo. One hour, full color, sound, narration, maps and on screen graphics.

Approx: 60 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



The time frame of this video is from 1985 to 1995. The first half shows DT&I orange and black as well as the GT blue, red, and white schemes. Many cabooses are featured as the GT continued to use them even after the other Class 1 railroads had adopted the “FRED”, or end of train device.

See EMD SD60 Demo units pulling a loaded GT coal train. View CSX detour trains on DT&I/GT trackage between Cold Springs Tower and Quincy, Ohio. Watch a rare SD38 on the point of a train. These units have since been sold to the Reading and Northern RR in Pennsylvania. Catch glimpses of the Bluewater Excursion Train from Detroit to Springfield in 1988. Watch this train being turned on the wye at Springfield Yard.

Other locations include: Rosewood, Ford Park, Thackery, Tremont City, Sharonville, Tates Point (Dayton), Second Street (Dayton), Snyderville, Fairborn, Ottawa, and Flat Rock Yard in Michigan. One hour, color, sound, on-screen graphics depict locations and train symbols and no narration.

Approx: 60 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



The time frame of this video takes place in 1993 and 1995. The Canadian National North America, the parent company of the Grand Trunk, was desperately trying to spin off their former DT&I Gateway to Cincinnati Line. “The Good Track Road: did not apply in this era.

In 1995 most of the track was slow-ordered to cut their losses to a minimum. Ties, ballast, and rail replacement were non-existent. Only if something on the right-ofway was broken or presented a hazard was the plant repaired. One of the benefits of this slow-order program was that it gave railfans more opportunity to photograph the same train in numerous locations.

Neff Video was able to capture more runbys than normal during this period. Most of the action in Volume 5 of the DT&I/GT Series takes place between Fairborn and Hamler, Ohio. Other locations included are: Enon, Snyderville, Maitland, Tremont, Thackery, Quincy, St. Johns, Sugar Street (Lima), DT&I Jct., Columbus Grove, Ottawa, and Leipsic. 90 minutes, color, sound, on-screen graphics depict locations and train symbols and no narration.

Approx: 90 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



After midnight on February 15, 1997 what was once known as Henry Ford’s Railroad became the Indiana and Ohio Railroad. Witness the historic last four days of operations on this former Grand Trunk Western/Canadian National subdivision. Prior to the acquisition of this line by the Grand Trunk in 1980, the line belonged to the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad.

Locations covered are: Miamisburg, Dayton, Fairborn, Enon, Springfield, Tremont City, Thackery, St. Paris, Quincy, St. Johns, Uniopolis, Lima, DT&I Jct., Leipsic, Hamler, Malinta, Metamora, and Diann Tower. This program is in full color with sound and narration. 60 minutes in length.

Approx: 60 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



Neff Video presents the final days of Grand Trunk Western operations on the former DT&I. Covering the final two years, you will see trains at Carleton, Delta, Malinta, Hamler, Leipsic, Lima, St. John, Slater, Jackson Center, Quincy, Rosewood, Mosquito Lake, Thackery, Tremont City, and Springfield.

Highlights include some spectacular pacing footage of two Central Vermont GP38AC's, former Canadian National commuter cars on delivery to a museum, and the last GTW train to operate on the former DT&I prior to takeover by the Indiana & Ohio Railway. Videography and editing by J.E. Landrum. One hour, color, sound, on-screen graphics depict locationsand no narration.

Approx: 60 Minutes - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


5 DVD Set--Over 9 Hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
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Package-DVD-DT&I Grand Trunk (9 PAK Collectors Edition)

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