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Green Frog Productions repects your privacy.

We will never share your personal information with anyone, ever!

We will not send you unsolicited email. (We do send out email about our new products and special offers, but only if you OK this and you are on our E-mail list!)

When you order from Green Frog online, there will be a checkbox asking if it's ok to send you email, and you can email or call us and tell us to stop anytime....
About Green Frog Productions

Green Frog has always provided our customers, with better quality video and sound (Both in dynamic Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo) with faster paced, more informative and unique video programs than other railroad video producers! Our video productions are shot on film or professional video by the very best railroad photographers, and narrated by professional announcers, or noted railroad historians.

Green Frog provides Very accurate synched audio, and has a Huge library of archival railroad sounds. Recorded on top quality equipment by both professionals and rail enthusiasts, these sounds are used to provide the very best in synchronized audio for Archival films that we release.

Green Frog was the first major railroad production company to have an Internet presence, and the first major RR production company to offer on-line shopping. We listen to you - our customers and strive to make your on-line experience the easiest, most interesting, and most complete experience!

Green Frog continually upgrades our production facilities to offer you the very best Video and Audio quality you can buy! Green Frog videos are edited on top of the line digital computer based editing systems. The Avid system, and Final Cut Pro - are used by top film and video production houses in the U.S. and across the world, and this provides you the customer with the best quality R.R. productions available!

Green Frog was the first major railroad production company to offer our fine audio products on high quality CD's & Audio casette...and we are the first railroad production company to offer you extremely high quality and rare photos of trains on CD-Rom...from over 30,000 Kodachrome pictures from the collection of Mac Owen, and Jerry Carson!

Green Frog brought you a PBS series of 26 shows titled All Aboard.....we were the first railroad video company to release any of our product on DVD (our three disc set of all steam railroading)! Green Frog is now in the process of putting all of our products onto DVD....We are the ONLY railroad video company to have two of our programs win a prestigious television Emmy and also to be nominated for an Emmy.

So when you buy your railroad products from Green Frog, you purchase the best railroad videos, DVD's, CD-rom's, Audio CD's, and Railroad Related Items that money can buy...we have been in business serving over 150,000 customers for over 20 years...and we will continue to offer you, our customers, the best in railroad entertainment!

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