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Learn all about Green Frog, including behind the scenes of "How Did We Do That?". Explore our video and audio quality through scenes from film and video from our vast library! See why Green Frog is the leader in quality railroad video and audio productions. REFUNDABLE coupon with your next order.

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(HI-FI Stereo sound). 14 minutes...$6.00



Baltimore Service Lane

(Keystone and Mountain Subs) Travel with Green Frog through mountains, CSX shops, and a bit of steam on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad as we follow more CSX operations. This tape takes you on the Baltimore Service Lane, and the Cumberland Business Unit. The terms "Service Lane", and "Business Unit" are CSX's new definitions of a "Division", although "sub-divisions" are still part of each "Service Lane", and "Business Unit".

This tape covers portions of the Cumberland, Cumberland Terminal, Keystone and Mountain Subdivisions as well. You'll have an opportunity to visit inside the CSX engine facilities at Cumberland and witness the repair and maintenance facilities. See the first CSX 700, an SD70AC being used for crew training, wheel repairs, and much more.

We'll travel the mainline between Hyndman to the West, and Paw Paw to the East, viewing exciting CSX action all along the way.

If you haven't seen steam on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, then you are in for some fine action as we take a short visit to this railroad running out of Cumberland, Maryland.

60 Minutes...$29.95...Order tape # 53148



Travel with Green Frog through the Eastern half of the U.S. as we chase the Road Railers. Not only will you see Road Railers on Norfolk Southern, Conrail and CSX, but you'll see how they are made up at one marshaling point. Plus great historical information from the C&O Historical Society---see how this unique form of transportation evolved

This innovative and unique operation on Roadrailers of the east is one you won't want to miss! Fast paced action, digital stereo sound, all taped on sparkling professional Betacam SP...the professional choice by professionals!

Order # 53145---30 Minutes--Stereo Hi-Fi Audio---$19.95


Union Pacific Super Railroad Vol-6 Lordsburg Sub The Scenic Southwest

In Volume 6 of our UP- Super Railroad series, Green Frog visits the Union Pacific as it traverses through the rugged and scenic southwest, with its cactus deserts and rugged mountains. We ll visit the Lordsburg Subdivision, starting in western New Mexico at Lordsburg then west to Gary, Mondel, and Stiens. Next we ll take you over the pass into Arizona and west through Yannar, Simon, Bowie, and Wilcox. Then travel with us to Fenner, Benson, and Marsh. Then we will thoroughly explore the beautiful and scenic Ceinega river valley where each turn brings a different scene. We then head west to Vail and Tucson. Last we head down to old Mexico on the Nogales branch from Tucson to Nogales Mexico. Tape #53185

Stereo HI-FI Sound... Approx...60 Minutes... $29.95 +s&h Order

The Susquehanna along the Southern Tier

Join Green Frog photographer Rich Kugel as he takes us on an incredible journey following the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railroad along their route from Northern New Jersey to Binghamton, New York. From Binghamton, we head west along New York States Southern Tier in this exciting tape that was four years in the making. Highlights of this breathtaking odyssey include: *Susquehanna Railroad trains between New Jersey and Binghamton, NY. *Locations along the legendary Delaware Division including Millrift, Lackawaxen, *Gulf Summit, Starrucca Viaduct, and Susquehanna. *The Binghamton area including the Canadian Pacific at Harpursville Trestle, Beldon Hill, and Tunkhannock Viaduct. *Operating semaphores between Binghamton and Buffalo, NY. *Conrail and Norfolk Southern trains soaring over Portage Viaduct, one of the highest railroad bridges in the Northeast! We ve also included several then and now scenes, showing what the line looked like under former owner, the Erie Lackawanna Railway. You ll be amazed at the astounding variety of trains along this scenic and historic line and will quickly understand why the Southern Tier is one of the most revered lines in the Northeast! Tape #53186

HI-Fi Stereo Sound! Approx 90 minutes...$29.95 +s&h Order

Gateway to the Pacific

Rich Scheid’s professional digital camera takes you to the Pacific Northwest on Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s Gateway to the Pacific. We’ll travel along the Columbia River Gorge with B.N.S.F. on the north side and follow Union Pacific along the south side. Then we head up to the Seattle-Tacoma area visiting the yard at Tacoma and next travel east to spectacular Mt. Rainer. We’ll also visit Thrum, Puyallup, Sumner, and Auburn. Sunset Falls, and Skykomish are our next stops on spectacular Stevens Pass, followed by the newly opened Stampede Pass. We’ll also catch the Amtrak Talgos on the Cascade service between Seattle and Eugene, Oregon. Here is a tape you won’t want to miss! Spectacular STEREO sound!

Approx. 60 Minutes...$29.95 Tape # 53182 Order

Norfolk Southern Vol 2

The Kentucky Division

Follow Green Frog’s cameras as they track down the NS on our second action filled Norfolk Southern tape. Volume 2 covers the action between Debutts Yard in Chattanooga to the crew change point at Oakdale. In between you’ll follow spectacular action, including train meets, great overhead shots. Train action on the steep grades, sharp curves and the heavily wooded scenery make this NS tape “a MUST HAVE’!!
53172... 60 Minutes...$29.95 + s&h Order

Conrail Winter

Photographer Rich Scheid’s professional digital camera captures the last winter for Conrail, and the worst in Conrails history. Taped on the Dearborn Division, where 32 inches of snow fell in just a few days. Operations came to a halt with switches snow covered and frozen. We visit location’s in Michigan and Ohio along the Detroit to Toledo line, and on the Michigan line which runs from Detroit to Chicago.
Approx. 55 Minutes...# 53178 $29.95 + s&h

CSX 10
Augusta to Spartanburg


Travel with Green Frog's cameras along two sub-divisions of CSX's very hilly regions between Augusta, Georgia and Spartanburg, South Carolina. You'll see heavy freight action with helpers at the rear on Clark Hill, Sneads Hill and Ora Hill.

We'll also take you on a cab ride in one of CSX's new wide cab AC engines, catch an Amtrak special and freight action over the high steel trestle at Enoree, visit the yards at both ends of the line, and provide you with the outstanding action Green Frog is famous for. Tape #53169...60 min...$29.95 



Greenwood to Atlanta
(Abbeville Subdivision)

Travel with Green Frog on an action packed trip over CSX's Abbeville Sub. This tape picks up at Greenwood, South Carolina, briefly featured on our very popular CSX-10 video, and covers the line all the way to Atlanta.

Spectacular coverage of the long bridge over the Hartwell Reservoir, train meets, action at Abbeville (crew change), fast runbys, as well as some archival footage from the early 80's of scenes in and around Atlanta, including the now defunct New Georgia Railroad...
Tape # 53171...Approx. 60 Minutes...$29.95 + s&h



The Best of
Union Pacific
Super Railroad


In five volumes of videos, Green Frog has brought you outstanding action of Union Pacific...from western Illinois to Portland, Oregon. Now, in this spectacular "best of" tape, you'll get a chance to see a preview of this exciting action, at all the best photographic places, and the most thrilling action.

You'll see mountain railroading, helper service, fast freights, cab ride, coal fields, yard action and more!
Tape # 53170...60 min...$24.95


Rails Chicago The Late 90's Vol-1

Follow photographer Rich Kugel as he takes us on a whirlwind tour of railroading in the Chicago area in the latter part of the millennium. This all new tape covers the city of Chicago, as well as the North and West suburbs of Chicago. In Volume 1 we visit Roundout, Des Plaines, Rochelle, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Elmwood Park, Elmhurst, LaGrange, Highlands, and Hinsdale. Also included are some spectacular aerial shots of yards, and interchanges! You’ll certainly enjoy our “story within a story” of action at Elmwood Park. We call it 60 minutes at Elmwood Park! Although we’ve compressed the action to only about 8 minutes, you’ll be amazed at the traffic this 3 track mainline can develop in only a short time. Also included on this tape is exciting coverage of 261, the Milwaukee Road Northern 4-8-4! With its comprehensive coverage of the Chicago area, this tape has it all! Beautifully photographed with live dynamic Hi- Fi STEREO sound.

Approx. 69 Minutes...# 53181 $29.95 + s&h Order

Rails Chicago The Late 90's Vol-2

Green Frog photographer Rich Kugel takes us on a whirl wind tour of more Chicago “hotspots”. This tape covers the area’s southern and eastern regions in this spectacular sequel to Volume 1. Locations visited include Lemont, Joliet, Hayford Jct., Homewood, Dolton, Thornton Jct., Elkhart, and many more! Also included is more footage of 261, the Milwaukee Road Northern 4-8-4! And if that weren’t enough, we’ve also included more breathtaking aerial footage of yards and junctions taken from a helicopter! Don’t miss this exciting follow-up to Volume 1 as we conclude our visit to the nation’s Railroad Capital!

Hi- Fi STEREO sound Approx. 60 Minutes... Tape # 53183 Order

Feather River Canyon Spectacular

Rich Scheid’s camera takes us to Northern California’s 3 famous mountain passes. Visit the spectacular Shasta Route under the snow covered Mt Shasta. Visit locations like Cougar, Weed, Shasta City, Dunsmuir, The Trinity Alps Area, Castle Craig, Salt Creek Trestle, The Long Redding Trestle and more! Then onto fabulous Feather River Canyon and see locations like the Keddie Wye, the long trestle at Clio. then thru the Canyon to Pulga. And visit the treacherous Donner Pass from Reno to Truckee and then up and over the Pass with Union Pacific and Amtrak action. Then witness a rare sight when UP’s 2 Steam Locomotives rush over Donner Pass with 844 on the point and it’s Challenger behind pulling 22 UP passenger cars...
Approx. 55 Minutes... # 53176 $29.95 + s&h

Rails New York Metro

June 1, 1999 ushered in a new era for railroading in the Northeast as Norfolk Southern and CSX carved up Conrail. The New York Metropolitan Area suddenly found itself in the middle of the action as dramatic changes swept the area. Follow Green Frog photographer Richard Kugel as he documents action around New York City in the months prior to the Conrail split and the weeks that followed. We visit every major rail line radiating out of New York. Besides Conrail, Norfolk Southern and CSX, you’ll see the New York Susquehanna and Western, Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, Metro North and Long Island Railroad.
Tape includes:
*CSX and Metro-North action in the Hudson River Valley...
*Susquehanna intermodal trains assaulting the brutal grades and curves on their line through Northern New Jersey...
*The Southern Tier including Moodna Viaduct, Otisville Tunnel, and Millrift Bridge...
*High speed Amtrak trains on the Northeast Corridor...
*Long Island Railroad’s “operating museum” featuring commuter service with GP38-2’s, MP15AC’s, F-7’s and Alco FA’s...
Approx. 55 Minutes... # 53175 $29.95 + s&h

Burlington Northern - Santa Fe

(Cajon Pass-Canyon Diablo-Flagstaff)

Travel with Green Frog via the Professional Digital photography of Rich Scheid through spectacular Cajon Pass, Canyon Diablo, and Flagstaff on this whirlwind railroad video adventure through the far West.

At Cajon, we’ll visit the scenic Tunnel District as well as Blue Cut, Sullivan’s Curve, Mormon Rocks, and Cajon Station. Also included is beautiful footage taken beneath the snow covered San Gabriel mountains, including lofty Mount Baldy at 10,064 feet, and more!

Then travel to Canyon Diablo in Arizona as well as the Flagstaff area, where we’ll see more electrifying video of Santa Fe War Bonnets, new bright orange BNSF’s as well as Union Pacific and Southern Pacific units.

# 53174... 59 Minutes... Order

Norfolk Southern Vol 2

The Kentucky Division

Follow Green Frog’s cameras as they track down the NS on our second action filled Norfolk Southern tape. Volume 2 covers the action between Debutts Yard in Chattanooga to the crew change point at Oakdale. In between you’ll follow spectacular action, including train meets, great overhead shots. Train action on the steep grades, sharp curves and the heavily wooded scenery make this NS tape “a MUST HAVE’!!
53172... 60 Minutes...$29.95 + s&h Order

Norfolk Southern Vol-3

Deeper into the Rathole!

The fast-paced action continues as Green Frog’s cameras take you deeper into Norfolk Southern's throbbing Rathole line from Oakdale, TN. to Somerset, KY. Watch trains highball over the busy track, through spectacular deep cuts dug in the early 1960’s, some now being widened for double-tracking. Most tunnels have been daylighted or bypassed, but trains still roll through Tunnels 22 and 24 and across the long high bridge between them at Nemo, Tennessee. Highlighting this video is a few minutes of train action on the connecting Kentucky & Tennessee Railway, an old time short line, and the affiliated Big South Fork Scenic Railway at Stearns, KY. Enjoy vintage steam scenes on the K&T! Take a cab ride in the Big South Fork train, pulled by an Alco S-1 equipped with a steam whistle! We also visit a now defunct partially reconstructed coal mine. Order

Approx. 55 Minutes...# 53177 $29.95 + s&h


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Volume number 9 takes us between Willard, Ohio and Deshler, of the busiest mainlines on CSX. This tape is a great follow up to our last production which covers action between Cumberland and Hyndman. On this tape you'll see the addition of a new main, an expansion addition to the yard at Willard, and contractors installing new track and new signaling systems, as well as action in the engine service facilities, including power being turned on the turntable. We'll also catch action at Deshler where the old B&O crossed its own line, at one time considered "the Crossroads of America". Now CSX crosses itself at the same location. We'll visit a hobo stew party at Deshler, and meet some locals who love the trains at Deshler, and we'll learn more about the history of this important town to the B&O and the state. Fast paced mainline action, great yard shots, Maintenance of Way activities, and much more! HI-FI STEREO audio...

Digitally mastered..60 min.. # 53162..$29.95


The Best of CSX


Green Frog has drawn from its vast library of over 8 volumes of CSX material to create this magnificent tape..The Best of CSX. Our tape covers locations from Chicago to Southern Florida to the South, Cinncinatti to the East, and in-between cities such as Evansville, Indiana; Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville, and Pittsburgh. Tremendous action, cab rides, yard visits, shop action and much more.

60 Minutes...$19.95 Tape # 53157





Indianapolis to St. Louis


Conrail hosts plenty of foreign power in this action video. This tape highlights operations along The Big Four. The Big Four was originally named the Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis (for the four cities it went through). The New York Central took it over in order to gain access to Western operations. We'll visit places such as Terre Haute, Indiana; Effingham, Illinois, Greencastle, Indiana, Avon, Indiana and East St. Louis, Illinois.

We'll also take you on an exciting tour of the manufacturing operations of Wabash National the builders of the RoadRailers.

This tape highlights other railroads that cross Conrail as well, such as: Illinois Central, Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, Norfolk Southern and CSX. We'll visit an ex-Conrail tower in East St. Louis, now run by Gateway Eastern.

This video highlight lots of night time action at Effingham and Terre Haute. If you like variety, then this exciting tape is just the ticket!

90 Minutes...$29.95...order tape #53154

CSX Volume 7


Jacksonville to Plant City, Florida

Most non-Floridians think of Florida as being flat! Well, CSX doesn't, and this video will prove that Florida's landscape is anything but flat. Green Frog takes you on a tour of the exciting and frequent train operations between two major cities in Florida... Jacksonville to Plant City. The junction at Plant City serves CSX's access to the Bone Valley area, where phosphate mines and plants abound. Although we'll see some phosphate trains on the line between the two cities, this tape emphasizes the dramatic differences in train make-up, including the famous "Juice Trains"...the citrus trains that CSX runs three to four times a week from Bradenton. CSX's main goal is to move these perishables as fast as possible to the Northern markets...and of course empties back to Tropicana. If you like CSX train action, fast trains, and great variety, then this fine addition to Green Frog's CSX series is for you!
60 minutes. . . STEREO Hi-Fi Sound. . . $29.95. . . Tape #53139

Union Pacific Super Railroad Vol. 4

The Oregon Short Line...


One of the West's busiest mainlines is the Union Pacific's Oregon Short Line through the broad plains and lush valleys of beautiful southern Idaho. Our fourth installment of Green Frog's Super Railroad series takes you to this vital yet often ignored link of the mighty UP system. Watch fast intermodel and perishable trains weave their way around heavy merchandise and unit trains on this single track line. West of Pocatello, UP is testing Distributed Power, putting unmanned locomotives at the rear of many long freights to improve train handling. Even Centennial #6936 puts in a guest appearance. If you love the Union Pacific or just want to visit a little seen corner of the scenic West, you will not be disappointed by this tape edited in digital stereo from Green Frog!
Order tape #53137... 60 minutes... STEREO HI-FI sound... $29.95

Sounds of Steel Mills


This tape is one that will work perfectly for providing background sounds for Walther's Steel Mill kits or another similar heavy industrial complex. Recorded in and around steel mills, you'll hear Forging Presses, Blooming Mills, Steel Cutting, a Rolling Mill, Taping of Steel, and 25 more incredible sounds.
Order tape #55020... 60 minute AUDIO cassette... $9.95



Train Mountain Railroad Museum

Live Steam at it's best!...


Have you ever looked, even casually, at a 1 1/2" to the foot scale live steam locomotive? If so, then this tape is for you! Train Mountain is located in Southern Oregon near Chiloquin. Green Frog was invited to the Spring, 1996 Train Meet, and to say the least, we were overwhelmed by the sheer size of this live steam operation, and by the incredible number of volunteers who brought some of the most beautifully built live steam locomotives we've ever seen! With over 200 acres of track operation, a huge yard, locomotive storage and maintenance facilities that would make some real railroads pale by comparison, and construction buildings and techniques that rival the main lines of the full size railroads, Train Mountain is VERY unique. During your visit to Train Mountain, you'll see all these facilities, such as track building operations, ballast trains, and of course the train operations themselves. Some of the most beautiful steam (and diesel) engines you've ever seen are owned and operated by individuals who help work and operate at Train Mountain. You'll witness actual construction going on as train operations revolve around these activities. We'll take you out on the mainline, which already takes a good hour to travel around, and we'll meet with other trains as well. If you like steam, train operations, and are into looking at or building your own live steam, this tape is for you. Our consultant for this video is Robert B. Cummings II, editor/publisher Scale Steam Pictorial.

45 minutes... STEREO Hi-Fi sound... $19.95... Order tape No. 53136

Union Pacific Super Railroad Volume 3

Butte to Pocatello...


The mountains and valleys in southern Montana and Northern Idaho provide a particularly beautiful setting for the Union Pacific's Montana Subdivison. You'll have the opportunity to chase a freight all the way from Silver Bow (the UP's terminal in Butte, Montana) to Pocatello, Idaho. If you like train meets, beautiful mountain scenery, and plenty of action ...then you will fall in love with this fantastic tape!!

30 Minutes...STEREO Hi-Fi sound...$19.95...Order tape number 53132

Remembering Steam Volume 3

Cab Ride...


Here is Green Frog's latest release in the best quality audio money can buy on cassette tape.

Cab Ride takes you on a 45 minute trip in the cab of a 2-8-0 on the 5 mile long line of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. We'll travel between both stations, work up steep grades, through tunnels and even turn on a wye and a turntable before this trip is complete. Sharp barking exhaust sounds...beautiful "tunes" on the whistle, and all the sounds you would expect to hear from the cab such as injector, coal shoveling, bell, brakes, side rod clank, etc. Recorded, mixed and mastered in digital with dynamic audio punch that will knock your socks off.
45 minutes ...STEREO digital master ...$9.95 ...Order tape number 55017

Logging Railroads

Modeling the Prototype...


Green Frog Productions continues its well received Modeling the Prototype series with an in-depth look at one the most popular model railroad subjects - the logging industry. This tape closely examines not only the operations of several logging railroads, but also how the trees were cut, loaded and then unloaded at the sawmill. And then, to really get the creative sap flowing, we'll show how three great modelers have applied the prototype practices to their layouts. The prototype railroads featured on this tape were shot with film cameras between the 1920's and the 1960's. The film has been transferred to Digital Beta tape and edited in our broadcast quality suite. Featured railroads include the Westside, Rayonier, Mower, Ely-Thomas, Grasse River RR, and more. The outstanding layouts of Bob Clarke, Dr. Charles Patti, and Lou Ullian are predominantly built around the logging industry. All three layouts have been featured in the modeling press. They are highly detailed and exemplify the complete industry, from trees to sawmills. Logging railroads were well known for their "make do" approach to railroading. Each of these layouts feature this approach. As a bonus, Bob Clarke will show how to make ground cover quickly and easily. This 60 minute tape will inspire you when the chips are down.

60 minutes. . . STEREO Hi-Fi Sound. . . $29.95. . . Tape #53130


Amtrak's California Zephyr -

Discovering the Great American West...


Produced by Emmy Award winner John Yeager, the trip takes you from Chicago to the West coast, aboard and off train. Visit with crews, cab rides, stop at the Golden Spike Monument, meet a cowboy called the "One Armed Bandit", and visit inside the treasured California State Railroad Museum...48 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53070

Amtrak's California Zephyr

2nd Section...


This is the railfan version of our most popular tape on Amtrak's California Zephyr...many, many views not seen in part narration, just brief words on screen to describe what's happening, and where you are...a great travel and relaxation tape!...

40 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53076

Conrail: Middle Division


Visit the Juniata shops in Altoona, Conrail's major rebuild facility for its large fleet of locomotives. Harrisburg is the site of Enola yard and 24 hour a day operations that make for some great night shots. In between, we'll see the Tyrone, Pa. interchange between the Nittany Bald Eagle short line and Conrail, and Mount Union - once an interchange between the Pennsy and the East Broad Top.

60 minutes ... $29.95... Order Tape #53126.


Conrail: Pittsburgh to Crestline


This active line sees 60 trains a day for plenty of action through great Pennsylvania and Ohio scenery. Over 20 locations are visited from one end of the line to the other. This was once the main line west from Pittsburgh for the Pennsylvania Railroad, home to some of the heaviest duty railroading in America. 60 minutes. . . STEREO Hi-Fi Sound... $29.95... Order Tape #53133


Conrail: The West Slope


Exciting action through this fantastic helper district between Galitzin, PA and Johnstown, PA. We'll see tunnels at Galitzin; the village of Crescent (where helpers are based): action at Lilli; Cassandra (deep rock cut): the branch line through Portage; action at Summerhill; Southfork (and the connection with the branchline); Mineral Point (and the beautiful valley below); and finally Johnstown. Stereo Digital Sound... 60 minutes... $29.95... Order Tape #53119


CSX - Atlanta to Chattanooga


Fast paced action on CSX between Atlanta and Chattanooga. Train meets, branch line operations, yard activity, and some fine historical information... 60 minutes... Digital Sound... $29.95... Order Tape #53068

CSX - Vol. 2 - Chattanooga to Nashville


Incredible mountain railroading, pusher service, cab ride through Cowan Tunnel, and fast-paced action on the mainline. Visit Radner yard in Nashville, including the hump tower....60 minutes... Digital Sound... $29.95... Order Tape #53085


CSX - Vol. 3

Nashville to Louisville


Continuation of the popular CSX series. See two ex-branch lines, CF-7's and the Kentucky Railroad Museum. Civil War history, rolling hills, Fall scenery; fast paced CSX action, including Radner Yard... 60 minutes... Digital Sound... $29.95... Order Tape #53097


CSX - Vol. 4

Louisville to Cincinnati


Appalachian scenery, big bridges, tunnels, very fast-paced action... 60 minutes... Digital Sound... $29.95... Order Tape #53108


CSX - Vol. 5

Evansville to Chicago


Fast paced action from Ohio River up through Indiana and Illinois. See Terre Haute, Evansville Yard; Soo Line, Union Pacific, GTW, Amtrak, EJ&E, Conrail interchanges as well... 60 minutes... $29.95... Order Tape #53117




200 miles of track through beautiful fall scenery on this journey from Pittsburgh to Willard, Ohio. Beautiful scenery, non-stop action and a fitting addition to our very popular CSX series. Digital stereo. 60 minutes...$29.95 #53135


Jacksonville to Plant City


Florida isn't flat, see heavy motive power on the grades! Plant City is the junction to the Bone Valley, and we see phosphate trains off this branch. Also the "juice trains" (all citrus trains) and much more action! 60 minutes...$29.95 #53139

CSX-Vol 8


Mountains, CSX shops, steam on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad as we follow more exciting CSX operations. Baltimore Service Lane, the Cumberland Business Unit. Terms "Service Lane" and "Business Unit" are CSX's new definitions of a "Division". Inside Cumberland shops, travel between Hyndman to the West and Paw Paw to the East. This tape covers portions of Cumberland, Cumberland Terminal, Keystone and Mountain Subdivisions as well. 60 minutes...$29.95...Tape # 53148

The Empire Builder


Emmy Award winning producer from ABC affiliate in Spokane, Washington produced this beautiful documentary about the Amtrak train from Chicago to Seattle. On train, in the cab, aerial shots, and interviews with crew members...

48 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53046


Empire Builder

Second Edition


lf you loved the first volume of this tape, you'll love Volume ll. John Yeager takes us on a railfan's view, off train, from the air, and from the cab. No interviews, just great railroad action... 40 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53052

FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILROAD...yards, repair shops, along right of way. Jacksonville to Miami, beautiful night shots. Bowden yard - Jacksonville, Beaver Street tower, Jacksonville Container yard, NASA’s connection with FEC, Miami Hialeiah yard, NSB yard & shops; much more!
80 minutes $29.95 # 53121 Order

From Coal to Kilowatts

The Coal Trains of Detroit Edison


...The most comprehensive coal train tape ever the mines, to dumping at the power plant, from trains to boats to coal plant...a great deal of footage never before seen... ,90 minutes... $29.95... Order Tape #53077

Goderich Exeter


Railtex's new venture into Canada...see this shortline in Winter and Summer. Great action with chop-nosed GP-9's, cab rides and deep, cold snow!... 60 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53093

The Golden Horseshoe


Foreign Power Invades Canada...Around Toronto action abounds. From Niagara Falls to East of Toronto. Beside CPR and CNR, you'll see Amtrak, VIA, GO trains, and foreign engines from the U.S...60 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53089

The GP-9's


Four nines are caught on the Georgia Northeastern branch, fast-paced action into the North Georgia Mountains...

70 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53023

Illinois Hot Spots


Action at Galesburg, Tuscola Springfield, Savannah, Effingham, Benton, East Dubuque, Centralia, East Clinton...18 major HOT spots...Santa Fe, BN, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, C&NW...60 minutes...$24.95 #53025

Magnolia Cut-Off of the CSX


Originally the B&O, this engineering cut-off made world wide history. Fast-paced, beautiful modern action...

60 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53056

Maintenance of Way Yesterday & Today


History and today's ways of building and rebuilding track, and how it's maintained. Hear it from the experts. Our most popular tape ever!... 45 minutes...$24.95 53090

Marion Hot Spots


The train watching capitol of Ohio. More than 30 scheduled trains a day on CSX and Norfolk Southern add tremendous variety to this fast-paced, action filled tape... 60 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53045

The Monongahela Railway


The MOST beautiful heavy rail operation in the EAST, fast-paced action on one of the largest coal hauling RR's in the U.S...

60 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53032

The NASA Railroad...Rocket's & Rails


Incredible coverage of the railroad which serves the space center...great scenery, as well as space shots and hardware handled by the RR...45 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53026

Railroading Through the Winter of '93


Great coverage of the blizzard of 1993 in the Northeast corner of the U.S. and in Southeast Canada. You'll see Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Amtrak CSX, Grand Trunk, Via Rail, Go Transit at Aldershot, Burlington West, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Copetown, Dundas, and Bayview Junction... 60 minutes...$19.95 53065

Railroad Video Magazine - Volume I


Hollywood crews, broadcast quality material, this issue starts out with action on Goderich Exeter shortline in Canada, then Pinsley railroads in Florida, Hump Yards past and present, The Allegheny RR, and Steam fan trips of the 60's and 70's. All color, fast-paced action... 65 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53075

Rails Buffalo


1991 action in and around the Buffalo, NY area. Fast-paced excitement with Conrail, Norfolk Southern, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, Susquehanna, So. Buffalo RR, at Buffalo SK yard, Frontier Yard, Buffalo Jct., Depew, Silver Creek...

60 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53040

RAILS NEW ORLEANS... 8 railroads, an incredible trolley line: Illinois Central, Norfolk Southern, Kansas City Southern, CSX, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, New Orleans Public Belt RR, New Orleans Lower Coast RR and the Regional Transit Authority. CSX yard, locomotive servicing, tower action: trolleys of the St. Charles line (through the heartland of restored mansions); cab ride on New Orleans Lower Coast RR, tour of the Public Belt RR yards; through the Regional Transit Authority’s shops where trolleys are completely rebuilt to appear as old units. of preservation and restoration!
60 minutes...$29.95 # 53123 Order

Rails Canada


Fast paced action in Eastern Canada on BOTH CNR and CPR...25 minutes... $14.95... Order Tape #53012

Rails Chicago


Coverage of 15 railroads in the Chicago area... fast-paced, beautifully photographed...UP., IC, South Shore, Santa Fe, BN, Indiana Harbor Belt, Norfolk Southern, Milwaukee, Grand Trunk, Amtrak, Conrail, Chessie, Soo, C&NW, Metra...

60 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53011

Rails Chicago '95 - The Hot Spots


Sequel to Rails Chicago -first released in 1986! Spectacular, fast-paced action at Hammond, Indiana, Blue Island, Joliet, Elm Hurst, Franklin Park, Homewood, and many more favorite hot spots. Operations of SOO Line, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific, Metra, Conrail, CSX, EJ&E, Amtrak, Union Pacific, Chicago & North Western, and much more!...

60 minutes...STEREO Hi-Fi Sound... $24.95... Order Tape #53112

Rails to Steel City


Action in and around Pittsburgh ...the MOST comprehensive coverage of this area!! Conrail, CSX, Bessemer and Lake Erie, PAT trains, P&LE...60 minutes... $24.95 ... Order Tape #53022

Steel Rails - Private Varnish


Beautiful action inside and out of the BEST private cars in North America. Fabulous aerial shots along the Mississippi...interviews with car owners, and runbys. Convention portion held at the spectacular St. Louis Union Terminal where Green Frog was the official photographer at the AAPRCO 1994 Convention...Approx. 60 minutes... Digital Sound... $24.95... Order Tape #53103

Steel Rails - Private Varnish

The Special Train


The runbys, and aerial shots ONLY, in a special tape of this fabulous train...

Approx. 30 minutes... Digital Sound... $19.95... Order Tape #53104

Santa Fe Odyssey - Volume III


Spectacular coverage of modern day operations from Chicago to Kansas City. Fastest-paced tape using four cameras you'll ever see! DIGITAL audio too! (two tape set) 1 hour 45 minutes... $54.95... Order Tape #53037

Union Pacific Super Railroad

Volume 5 - The LaGrande Subdivision


This video takes you over the LaGrande Sub from Weiser through the Blue Mountain Grade...all the way to Portland, Oregon ...this is really spectacular action. If you like beautiful scenery from stark barren mountains to lush mountain forests to snow covered peaks, then this tape is for you!... 45 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53140

Union Pacific - Super Railroad


Follow the Union Pacific along the Lincoln Highway (Route 30) from the Mississippi River at Clinton, Iowa to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Features lots of just after being bought by the Union Pacific. This is the closeup of the era in Iowa. Also features Bailey Yard, the world's largest... 90 minutes... $29.95... Order Tape #53115




Cheyenne to Ogden. Coal fields north of Cheyenne, Bill, Wyoming, Powder River Coal Basin, Sherman Hill, Hermosa Tunnels, Walcott Canyon, Green River, Granger, twin tunnels near Evanston, Weber River Canyon and Ogden. Fast paced, beautiful Western scenery! 90 minutes...$29.95 #53129




Butte to Pocatello. The mountains and valleys of southern Idaho and Montana is the setting for action including freight meets all the way to Pocatello. Beautiful mountain scenery and action packed. 30 minutes...$29.95 #53132



The Oregon Shortline. Southern Idaho, west of Pocatello, even Centennial #6936 in a guest appearance, fantastic scenery and packed with action. 60 minutes...$29.95 #53137



The LaGrande Subdivision. From Weiser through the Blue Mountains, Durkee Horseshoe, Telocaset Hill, Blue Mountain grade, all the way to Portland. This is the roughest territory on the UP and action galore! 48 minutes...$24.95 #53140

The Way West


From Illinois to the West Coast, fast-paced freight action on Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Soo Line, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Utah Railway. Visit action at Soldier Summit, Winterpark, Moffat Tunnel, and Feather River Canyon...

60 minutes... $24.95 ... Order Tape #53073

The Way West - Volume II


... Completely new material covering from central Illinois to the freight action...SP; BN; Moffat Tunnel route; Helper, Utah; high Sierras... 60 minutes... $24.95... Order Tape #53083

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Order Checkout

Beautiful coverage of this tourist line which runs on ex-WM trackage. An Alco RS-3 and FPA-4 haul this train through great mountain scenery... 30 minutes... $19.95... Order Tape #53038




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