The Empire Builder: Discovering the Great Northwest

"This tape certainly qualifies as one of the best railroad tapes ever produced and no wonder. It was produced by John Yeager, an Emmy-award winning producer and feature writer for the ABC affiliate KXLY-TV of Spokane, Washington. The tape runs 48 minutes and tells in adequate detail the life and the times of the people who blasted the route across Americas's Great Northwest. Against the background of the route's history is told the present day story of Amtrak as it runs the 2200 mile route covered by The Empire Builder. The original roadbed was finished by GN founder, James J. Hill, in 1893, and it is his story that forms the backdrop. As the story unfolds the route is shown in dramatic detail as the Empire Builder runs the route from Chicago to Seattle. The camera shots are fantastic, and the story is well told. This is a tape that everyone will enjoy. It is not pure railroad though rail fans will love it as will anyone who loves America in all its beauty and splendor. There are great camera shots in the train, in the engine room, in the cab, shots of the mountains, the plains, and much of the behind-the-scenes action." Dr. Robert B. Marvin - The Model Train Trader

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