Illinois Hot Spots

"This lively and colorful production is a view of contemporary railroading in Illinois by Steve Neff, covering the state but not Chicago itself. The sound is exceptional, especially when played over a hi-fi stereo while viewing. Shot in 1989 and 1990, it covers the "hot" locations where rail traffic is heavy, resulting in a fast-paced variety. Eighteen different places are visited, and as each one is introduced a fiery spot emerges from the area where it exists on an Illinois state map. Locations like this are usually "safe" for pictures, with good angles available without trespassing on railroad property.

"We see most everything in motive power imaginable, from old geeps to the very latest wide-nose GE's and other items such as two inspection trains with F-unit power. GE LMX locomotives and cabless road units abound along with commuter trains and a glimpse of the Chicago, Missouri & Western. The hour passes very quickly!" Ted Davis - National Railway Historical Society

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