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Go behind the scenes and find out what goes into the making of a Green Frog video tape and you'll also see some great train action as well as hear some fantastic train sounds...14 min... order this tape for $6.00 with FREE shipping and we'll give you a $6.00 credit with your next purchase from us. What a Deal!

Previews - Volume I


75 minutes of selected action from our tapes up to the late 80's... 75 minutes... $14.95... Order Demo1


Previews Volume II


takes over where Previews 1 left off... 40 minutes... $14.95... Order Demo2


Previews Volume III


takes over where Previews 2 left off including: New York Central Odyssey; Santa Fe Odyssey, Volume III; Wabash Railroad; Rails Buffalo; Pennsylvania Railroad; Western Maryland Scenic Railroad; Marion Hot Spots; Chicago Odyssey; Nickel Plate; Empire Builder, Discovering the Great Northwest; Rio Grande Odyssey; Travli'n Trains; In Search of Narrow Gauge Mikados... 115 minutes... $19.95... Order Demo3


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Audio Tapes- The Foreground Series

Diesels '86 Volume I


Norfolk Southern, Conrail, Milwaukee Road, C&NW in the 80's... 20 minutes... $8.95... Order tape #54003

Diesels '86 Volume II


Coverage over a nine state area, great sequel... 20 minutes... $8.95... 54004

Diesels '87


From SD-50's to GP-38's, from the USA to Canada... 43 minutes of incredible sound... $11.95... Order tape #54108

The K-27 Under Steam


An original Digital recording with professional equipment that will provide the most exciting steam sound you've heard on an audio cassette in a long time! 60 minutes of pure sound (no narration-a written guide is included) audio cassette you won't believe...just spectacular, unbelievable sound! If you have a good stereo system, hold on to your chair!!...

60 minutes...DIGITALLY mastered...

Tape No. 54120...$9.95 (This is an audio cassette tape) Order

First Generation Diesels


By 1969, many first generation diesels were still operating. GP-7's, GP-9's, RS-1's, F-3's, F-7's, PA's, and E-8's...

44 minutes... $11.95... Order tape #54115

The GP-9's


Four GP-9's (by themselves) work their way through the North Georgia mountains... 54 minutes... $12.95... Order tape #54112

Remembering Steam...Ride the Train


More sounds from an avid railfan and audio engineer Recorded over the last 25 years, and in STEREO!... 60 minutes... $9.95... Order tape #55017

Remembering Steam...Trackside


Sounds of steam recorded in STEREO over the past 25 years from one of the nation's most avid audio and railfan's library...

60 minutes... $9.95... Order tape #55016

Steam & Diesel Sounds of the 50's


NKP Berks, Alco PA's F-3's, E-8's and more...the BEST sound you will hear from ANYONE of this time period...

20 minutes... $8.95... Order tape #54000

Steam & Diesel Sounds of the 80's


2-8-0's, Alco RS-1's, GP-7's, 0-6-0's and more... 47 minutes... $11.95... Order tape #54110

Steam Soliloquy


A rare collection of steam sounds from 0-6-0's to 4-8-4's from all over the U.S.... 60 minutes... $12.95... Order tape #54114

Sounds of the 1218


The most powerful operating steam engine in the world; and the sound to match...all digital recording on master tape...

60 minutes... $12.95... Order tape #54119

Sounds of the East Broad Top


The most famous NARROW GAUGE railroad in Pennsylvania... 36 minutes... $10.95... Order tape #54113

Sounds of the Joint Line and the Rio Grande


The Rio Grande, Santa Fe and BN run up the front of the Rockies. Awesome power with helpers too!... 60 minutes... $12.95... Order tape #54118

Sounds of the Silverton


After the Durango fire all engines in great sounding shape!!! From Incredible digital sound!!!... 60 minutes... $12.95... Order tape #54116

Sounds of the New Georgia RR


Number 750, a 4-6-2, and E-8 around the city of Atlanta... 20 minutes... $8.95... Order tape #54006

Thundering Narrow Gauge


Dynamic Colorado narrow gauge Sound like you've NEVER heard before... 38 minutes... $10.95... Order tape #54005





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Audio Tapes - The Background Series

These AUDIO tapes are designed to be played in the BACKGROUND of a model railroad, or just plain listening at quiet volumes...considered by modelers world wide to be the most innovative sound for model railroad use ever devised!

Country Series

City Series

Narrow Gauge

More Background Tapes


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by: Michael Forrester...

The Florida RR Directory is a 48- page guide to Florida railroads, museums, displays,rides and attractions. Includes photos, maps, radio frequencies and more. A one-stop source of information on Florida railroading. This handy, Pocket-sized guide was written by former Amtrak supervisor Michael Forrester. We have a limited supply of these first editions. Originally $7.95, NOW JUST $6.00!!!


Railroad Atlases of North America...

Nine volumes of maps for railfans. These books are a great resource that show major tunnels, bridges, yards and engine facilities (except N.E.). They are soft bound yet high in quality to endure use in the field. Each is highly detailed at 8 miles to the inch with the more complex areas enlarged to a scale of 2 miles to the inch. Locations are indexed and a listing of railroads' reporting marks is included. $21.00 to $22.00 each




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