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California_Zephyr_BluRay.jpg BLURAY California Zephyr (The Ultimate Fantrip)
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

Complete trip on the California Zephyr!  Filmed in 1965, when the CZ was at it's ultimate...

Remastered To 1080i HD...

Click Here for picture & more info....
CN_CP_THB_50s70s_BluRay BLURAY Canrail-CN CP TH&B 50s-70s
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

Recent Release
Re-live what rail-fanning was all about 45 to 65 years ago-exciting late Canadian steam and 1st generation diesel action during the 50s-70s...

Click Here for picture & more info....
Canrail_BLURAY_CNCP_Southern_Ontario1 BLURAY Canrail-CN&CP Southern Ontario Vol1
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

HD Camera of Rob McCormack

Action in Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ayr and Woodstock, Ontario to name a few. We also take a brief look at the Ontario Southland Railway...

Click Here for picture & more info....
Canrail_BLURAY_CNCP_Southern_Ontario2Winter BLURAY Canrail-CN&CP Southern Ontario Vol2 WINTER
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

Rob McCormack braved the cold winter months to bring you more exciting Canadian railroad action. We visit popular locations, such as Burlington West and Hamilton's Bayview Jct. for CN, VIA and GO Transit and more...

Click Here for picture & more info....
Canrail_BluRay_CNDundasSub_Pt1.jpg BLURAY Canrail-CN's Dundas Subdivision Pt1
$34.98 $21.95 On Sale!

2-Disc Set (3 Hours)

CN’s Dundas Sub. runs between Bayview Junction, near the city of Hamilton, ON., and London, Ontario...See rare combo’s like C40-8M’s, VIA Trains, Some foreign power in Canada, Switching operations and much more...

Click Here for picture & more info....
ChicagoOdsy1_Bluray.jpg BLURAY Chicago Odyssey Vol-1 (Two Disc Set)
$36.98 $21.95 On Sale!

Fantastic Historic railroad action in Chicago...from the 1950's and 60's!

Remastered to HD

Click Here for picture & more info....
ChicagoOdsy2_Bluray.jpg BLURAY Chicago Odyssey Vol-2 (Two Disc Set)
$36.98 $21.95 On Sale!

Early 1962--In this Historic two disc set, we will see the end of individualized passenger service, and the beginnings of Amtrak..

Remastered to HD

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_ChicagoSWSub.jpg BLURAY Chicago SW Suburban 1970s
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

Blu-Ray 1080i High Definition Re-Mastered and Enhanced

Visit Homewood, Blue Island, Oak Forest, and several other communities outside of Chicago. Plus travel farther west...

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_Cincinnati_TripleTrack BLURAY Cincinnati Triple Track
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

Recent Release
Camera of Terry Lewis
Winton Place & The Norfolk Southern First District-1994  "Tons of varied trains & runbys"

Click Here for picture & more info....
CJW_BluRay_TourNS11 BLURAY CJW Tour of NS vol-11 (Chicago Line)
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

Recent Release
We'll cross the state of Ohio from west to east, taking in trains along Norfolk Southern's Chicago Line, Huntington District, Cleveland District, and Cleveland Lines...

Click Here for picture & more info....
CJW_BluRay_TourNS10 BLURAY CJW Tour of NS vol10 (Lafayette District)
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

HD camera of Chris Wehman--

Norfolk Southern’s Lafayette District extends from Peru, Indiana to Decatur, Illinois. We take a look at the eastern half of this line, between Peru and Lafayette...

Click Here for picture & more info....
CJW_BluRay_TourNS9.jpg BLURAY CJW Tour of NS vol9 (Indiana Winter Pt2)
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

From the HD camera of Chris Wehman--

Norfolk Southern A Tour of the Thoroughbred Volume 9...This action-packed program will feature trains from Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, and Amtrak. Several of Norfolk Southern's heritage units will be seen...

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_CJW_2010MidwestReview.jpg BLURAY CJW-2010 Midwestern Review In HD
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

2010 was an action packed year for both railroads and rail enthusiasts. Join videographer Chris Wehman as we take a look at railroad operations in several Midwestern states.....

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_NE_IndianaRails.jpg BLURAY CJW-NE Indiana Rails
$36.98 $21.95 On Sale!

From the HD camera of Chris Wehman--

You’ll see NS & CSX action, as well as CP, Amtrak, and the Indiana Northeastern Railroad...

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_NW_IndianaRails.jpg BLURAY CJW-NW Indiana Rails
$36.98 $21.95 On Sale!

From the HD camera of Chris Wehman--

Journey to Northwest Indiana, an area commonly known for steel mills, lake effect snow, and trains. All Manner of freight traffic, plus action along Amtrak’s 110 mph territory...

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_NW_OhioRails.jpg BLURAY CJW-NW Ohio Rails
$36.98 $21.95 On Sale!

From the HD camera of Chris Wehman--

Extensive footage covering N.W. Ohio, NS & CSX action, as well as CP, Amtrak, and Short-Lines Maumee & Western & Indiana Northeastern...

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_NW_OhioRails2.jpg BLURAY CJW-NW Ohio Rails-2
$36.98 $18.98 On Sale!

From the HD camera of Chris Wehman--

We continue our look at modern Northwestern Ohio railroading, see plenty of Foreign power, Junctions, Long trains...

Click Here for picture & more info....
BluRay_NW_OhioRails3.jpg BLURAY CJW-NW Ohio Rails-3
$34.98 $19.95 On Sale!

From the HD camera of Chris Wehman--

Deshler, Ohio, also known as the "Crossroads of the B&O" is a popular train-watching location in Northwest Ohio along former Baltimore and Ohio trackage...

Click Here for picture & more info....

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