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Videos by Emery Gulash


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Topfrog1_DVD.jpg DVD-Top Frog 1-(Best of Narrow Gauge)
$24.95 $10.98 On Sale!

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Topfrog2_DVD.jpg DVD-Top Frog 2-(Best of Steam)
$24.95 $10.98 On Sale!

The best steam scenes taken from many of Emery Gulash's videos released over the years..

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Topfrog3_DVD.jpg DVD-Top Frog 3-(best of passenger trains-50s & 60s West)
$24.95 $10.98 On Sale!

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Topfrog5_DVD.jpg DVD-Top Frog 5-(Early Diesels)
$24.95 $10.98 On Sale!

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Topfrog6_DVD.jpg DVD-Top Frog 6-(D&RGW 50s & 60s chama to durango)
$24.95 $10.98 On Sale!

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Topfrog7_DVD.jpg DVD-Top Frog 7-(CB&Q)
$24.95 $10.98 On Sale!

From Chicago--west along the Burlington Route. 50s, 60s and 70s equipment and trains..

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TT_Toronto_DVD.jpg DVD-TrainTown Toronto (Early 1970s)
$24.98 $14.98 On Sale!

Camera of Emery Gulash

A non-stop parade of trains of the Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, GO Transit and more...16mm Color Film - HD Digital Transfer

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UPODSY1_DVD.jpg DVD-Union Pacific Odyssey vol1 (two disc set)
$29.95 $17.98 On Sale!


Follow Emery and his Bolex camera's through the end of steam and into the first generation diesel era. Then you'll go along with him as he spends a good part of a year chasing that well known Northern type steam engine 8444...

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UPODSY2_DVD.jpg DVD-Union Pacific Odyssey vol2 (two disc set)
$29.95 $17.98 On Sale!

Re-Mastered and Enhanced from HD and our original D-2 Broadcast Masters!!

Covers the 60's and 70's. You will see more first generation diesels, 'City' trains, New second generation diesels, more Turbines...

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Wabash_DVD.jpg DVD-Wabash Railroad
$24.98 $11.98 On Sale!

In the summer of 1952, Emery Gulash, began capturing activities on the Wabash Railroad on 16mm color film...

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WesternMary_DVD.jpg DVD-Western Maryland (end of an era)-video
$24.95 $9.98 On Sale!

Mountain railroading in the east at its best. Multi-unit lash-ups of F7's and Geeps were the mainstay of the WM...

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NYC_Sale_Product.jpg NYC Special - (2-Discs)
$39.98 $22.98 On Sale!

4 Complete Programs

• NYC Odyssey Volume-1 (Pt-1 & Pt-2)
NYC Odyssey Volume-2 (Pt-1 & Pt-2)

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ALLAboard_5DVD.jpg Package-All Aboard 5 DVD Set
$34.98 $20.98 On Sale!

26 Programs! 11 HOURS!
This 26 program series, originally aired on PBS, examines many aspects of the North American Railroad scene. Each episode explores a small portion of the steel rail system which played a major role in the development of North America.
Many of the shows incorporate historic film footage recording the early days when the trains were powered by the steam locomotive.

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Package_BluRay_PennCentral_7Pak Package-BluRay-Penn Central
$38.98 $23.98 On Sale!

7 Programs on 4 BLURAY Discs in this Historic video package of Emery Gulash's PENN CENTRAL Series...

8 Hours of Classic Emery Gulash Photography of the PENN CENTRAL

From 1968 into the 1970's...


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package_Gulash5Pak.jpg Package-DVD-Emery Gulash Collection
$29.98 $17.98 On Sale!

Emery Gulash 5 Disc DVD Set...

Get 5 DVDs in this video package!!

You get OVER Five Hours of video......

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These Pages contain all Emery Gulash DVDs available

Emery Gulash programs are available in DVD format and Blu-Ray format, Regular DVDs will use DVD-R or DVD+R Disc's & Blu-Rays will use BD-R Disc's...

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