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Package-DVD-Emery Gulash Collection



THE NICKEL PLATE-In this production by Emery Gulash, we follow the NKP from the mid 50’s to the mid 60’s just prior to the railroad’s merger with the Norfolk & Western. The Akron Canton & Youngstown, or AC&Y, was a 170 mile railroad located in Ohio, and operating west out of Akron to Delphos, near the Indiana border.
There it connected to the Nickel Plate. The AC&Y was entirely Fairbanks-Morse and Alco powered. Emery followed this road from the early 60’s until its demise and merger into the N&W. Covers primarily the NKP, but no justice could be done to the NKP without including the AC&Y.
You will see steam on the NKP, as well as those Alco PA’s (the Bluebirds) on the front end of the NKP’s passenger trains. First generation diesels eventually take over those fast freights the NKP was famous for. The NKP Berkshires are predominately featured as well!! See them in their real operating environment when steam powered fast freights were king on the NKP! Approx. 45 minutes

CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR-From the camera of Emery Gulash comes the most awesome experience: a complete trip on the California Zephyr! Filmed in 1965, when the CZ was at it’s ultimate, Emery’s camera takes you from dome to trackside, from the cab through the
“Big-10” curves and tunnels West of Denver, From Chicago to San Francisco. Never has there been such on and off train coverage of probably America’s most well known and favored train... The California Zephyr. Thrill to the incredible diversity of scenery, the first class service, F-7’s all the way to the West coast, incredible cab scenes from Denver-West through tunnels and the Big 10 curves, and thrilling run-bys as only Emery Gulash can provide.
Live the luxury of the past, through mountains, across the plains, meets with the other CZ’s as well as freight and passenger trains...and a surprise meet with Burlington steam loco 5632 as she passes the CZ on a for railfans only runby!
Approx. 73 Minutes

PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD-Beginning in the summer of 1952, Emery Gulash began capturing prolific amounts of activity on this well known railroad. Back in 1952 Emery did not realize that in a few years the railroad would merge with the New York Central and be called the Penn Central.
This DVD covers the time frame from 1952 to 1969. Follow Emery and his 16mm Bolexes as he records in beautiful color the end of steam and the transition to first generation diesels, You’ll see Decapods, Baldwin Centipedes, and Sharks, “F” units, early Geeps, GG-1’s, Alco RS-3’s, just to name a few. Locations covered are: Tunnel Hill, Horseshoe Curve, Holidaysburg, Altoona, Fort Wayne, Wallbridge Yard, The “Corridor” as well as many other “hot spots”
You’ll witness many of the Pennsy’s name trains such as The Duquesne, The Pennsylvania Limited, The Broadway Limited...And we haven’t forgotton you freight and electric fans either. Approx. 60 Minutes

THE WABASH RAILROAD-In the summer of 1952, Emery Gulash began capturing for all time activities on the Wabash. Green Frog is proud to release this Heritage Series DVD. The railroad had essentially two main lines: Chicago to Kansas City, and Detroit/Toledo to Kansas City.
Emery followed the Wabash over these two lines capturing first generation diesels, name passenger trains (such as The Wabash Cannonball), and freight action as well.You’ll visit locations such as Detroit: (and Fort Street Union Station), Ft. Wayne, Mexico, Missouri, Oakwood Yard; Windsor; and Toledo; as well as many other locations.
You will witness the merger into the Norfolk and Western as well. This DVD covers the time period from 1952 through 1966 after the merger with the N&W. Approx. 60 Minutes

WESTERN MARYLAND (END OF AN ERA)-In the mid 70’s, Emery Gulash lovingly photographed the Western Maryland before its total absorption by the B&O and Chessie. Here is mountain railroading in the east at its best. Multi-unit lash-ups of F7’s and Geeps were the mainstay of the WM.
On three successive days, Emery shot considerable footage of the struggle through the Appalachians of these vintage trains. The photography--well what can you say...typical Gulash. With incredible composition, many in twilight add to this outstanding DVD of one of America’s most beautiful railroads.
Approx. 70 minutes

Total Time: 5 + Hours of video

Dolby Digital-2.0 Stereo

Package-DVD-Emery Gulash Collection

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