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DVD-Way West Odyssey(Two Disc Set)

(DVD 1) From Illinois to California Green Frog brings you some of the most marvelous freight action ever assembled into one RR program. Fast paced, beautiful photography of Historic freight service across the U.S.

You’ll see action on Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Soo Line, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Utah Railway. In this lavish production, you’ll find fascinating broadcast quality photography by world renowned cameraman Steve Neff, View Pig Trains sprawled across the midwest, helper action in the mountains, and classic scenes at Soldier Summit, Winterpark, Moffat Tunnel, and Feather River Canyon.


(DVD 2) We’ll take you through some of the Plains of the midwest, and then into the Colorado Rockies where you’ll witness fast paced action on Colorado’s Joint Line (where the Rio Grande--now Southern Pacific---the Burlington Northern, and the Santa Fe share trackage rights.

Then we’ll take you up the Midwest Tunnel route into Utah, You’ll witness exciting freight action on this line, and see how mid-train helpers are placed in the middle of those long freights, you’ll follow action through scenic locations such as Helper, Castle Rock, and Soldier Summit, Then we’ll take you into Nevada and the Sierras for more mountain railroad action.

Approx. Total Run Time - 2 Hours
Two-Disc Set
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

DVD-Way West Odyssey(Two Disc Set)

$32.98 $14.84 On Sale!
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