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DVD-Train Mountain vol1
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Do you enjoy looking at or riding behind scale live steam powered trains' Have you ever, even casually, looked at a scale 1 1/2' to the foot live steam locomotive' Well, then this DVD is for you!

Train Mountain is located in Southern Oregon near Chiloquin. Green Frog was invited to the spring, 1996 Train Meet, and to say the least, we were overwhelmed by the sheer size of this live steam operation, and by the incredible number of volunteers who brought some of the most beautifully built live steam locomotives we've ever seen!

With over 200 acres of track operation, a huge yard, locomotive storage and maintenance facilities that would make a real railroad pale by comparison, and construction buildings and techniques that rival the main lines of the full size railroads, Train Mountain is VERY unique. And the future looks incredible....2000 acres are being developed to contain the most extravagant live steam operation ever dreamed of!

During your visit to Train Mountain, you'll see all these facilities, such as locomotive shops, car building shops, track building operations, ballast trains, and of course the train operations themselves. Some of the most beautiful steam (and diesel) engines you've seen are owned and operated by individuals who help work and operate at Train Mountain. You'll witness actual construction going on as train operations revolve around these activities.

We'll take you out on the mainline, which already takes a good hour to travel around, and we'll meet with other trains as well. If you like steam train operations, and are looking into, or are already building your own live steam, this DVD is for you.

Approx. 43 Minutes
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

DVD-Train Mountain vol1

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