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The Toledo, Peoria & Western From the collection of Thomas Finson with Videography by Steve Neff.

What railroad had these historical events in common'
*One of the worst wrecks in U.S. history
*The only railroad whose President was assassinated
*The longest railroad strike in U.S. history
*One of the worst railroad explosions in U.S. history

The correct answer is the Toledo, Peoria & Western: affectionately known as 'The Tip-up'. This relatively short railroad came down through history with some mighty interesting stories woven through its existence, and you will see and hear it all in this incredible classic documentary produced by Green Frog.

This production could not have been completed without the assistance of railroad historian Thomas Finson. Valuable contributions were also made by Helen Louise Plaster Stoutmyer from her book The Train that Never Arrived, and from interviews with those who worked on the railroad, past and present, including past Presidents of the TP&W, and the current President at the time of this video, Gordon Fuller.

This DVD was produced in a Civil War documentary fashion showing many classic old photos from the 1800's and early 1900's from the collection of Thomas Finson. Then classic old film, television newsreels and crisp sharp video of today's action from the camera of Steve Neff round out the production.
You will hear some stories from those who witnessed the actual events, including past Presidents of the United States.

Approx. 73 Minutes


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