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DVD-PhotoMural Backdrops (Installing and Blending)
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In this program, we'll show you how we added four backdrops to a large model railroad. We'll install a small heavily wooded backdrop, with lots of model trees to blend the backdrop into the layout.

Next we'll cover a pesky location that just cried for a backdrop, a scene that included some serious blending with live model scenery.

Then we'll tackle a much larger backdrop, and Ba-Relief buildings will be added to blend in that backdrop!
We'll remove an old paper backdrop that did not match our current needs, and install a huge 18 foot long one to replace it, and we'll begin blending in that huge backdrop by adding scenery flat against it.
We'll hire an artist friend to sculpt rocks on our scene with a palette knife to match our backdrop. The artist will also paint small trees and shrubs between the backdrop and the live scenery. Finally we'll show you how to blend the scene with real model trees and shrubs, matching trees in the foreground to the background.
Also covered is how to use scanned photos of real buildings, and install them into the scene so they appear to be way in the distance, and we'll also add some ground cover to blend in those buildings. And, we'll show you how to add a Ba-Relief building to the backdrop and the new scenery.
And finally we'll add many "half" trees and shrubs to blend in our flat scenery to the mural.
If you want to know ALL about installing great looking photo-mural backdrops, this is the program for you!

DVD BONUS -- Put this DVD into your Computer and get access to High Rez Photos which you can Print Out...

Approx. Run Time-68 Minutes
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Slide Show
Rom Feature - High Rez Pictures on your Computer

DVD-PhotoMural Backdrops (Installing and Blending)

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