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DVD-Passenger Trains of the 60s-3 programs Remastered

Also Available on BLURAY

ReMastered to HD

3 Programs on one DVD!

From the 8mm Film Camera of Lyle Key

Passenger Trains of the 60s Volume 1

Visit New England first. B&M RDC, New England States, New Haven #398 & #75.
The Colonial, Patriot, Puritan, Gilt Edge, Senator, Yankee Clipper, Bay State, NH #554, Merchants Limited, and the Sundown. In “Last Day at Memphis” KSC Florida Special, L&N #98, Memphis Union Station Switching, L&N #101, Southern #35. All Color!

Passenger Trains of the 60s Volume 2

Covers L&N #63, Pan American /Gulf Wind, Crescent, Hummingbird, Southerner, Pelican, City of N.O. Panama Limited, Southern Belle, Sunset. Trains of Atlanta.
Here you’ll view trains on the Georgia Railroad...Man O’war, Nancy Hanks, GA. R.R. #1, #108, Athens Branch mixed, Washington Branch mixed, Macon Branch mixed... L&N...#17, Dixie Flyer, Georgian, Southern, Royal Palm, Southerner, Peach Queen, Crescent. SCL..#5, #6, Silver Comet. All Color!

Passenger Trains of the 60s Volume 3

Action in and around Birmingham, See the Vulcan, City of Miami, Southwind, Southern #11, Hummingbird, Sunnyland, Pelican, Pan American, Seminole, Silver Comet, Southerner, KCF Special, L&N #1, Sunset, Southwind, Southland, Seaboard #8, Pelican, Sugar Bowl Special. All Color!

Approx. 2 Hours 13 Minutes

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo--Chapter Search

Note: This DVD is formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs -- The Original Format of this Program is 4x3 Standard Definition!

DVD-Passenger Trains of the 60s-3 programs Remastered

$29.98 $13.49 On Sale!
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