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DVD-CSX02 Chattanooga to Nashville


Spectacular scenery, mountain railroading, pusher service, spectacular bridges, rivers...all the things that make railroading enjoy-able to watch...this is what you'll find on Volume 2 of our CSX series.

Volume 2 takes you from Chattanooga to Nashville over one of the most spectacular railroad divisions in the U.S. You'll see tremendous action on CSX's Chattanooga Subdivision through Cowan Tunnel, across Cumberland Mountain (where pusher service is necessary from both directions, and across Nickajack Lake.)

Norfolk Southern also shares trackage with CSX out of Chattanooga, and you'll witness the seemingly endless parade of joint operations on this portion of trackage. Spectacular bridges like the high trestle over interstate 24, and the lift bridge over the Tennessee River are just a few of the great bridges this railroad must cross as it wends it's way Northward.

We'll also take you in the cab over Cumberland Mountain and through the 2,228 foot bore. Then we'll couple to a train and take you back over the mountain from the other direction---on and off train! Beside spectacular action north of Cowan Tunnel, we'll finally end our trip in Nashville where we'll take you into CSX's Radner yard, into the hump towers, and a short tour of yard action.

Approx. Run Time 62 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

DVD-CSX02 Chattanooga to Nashville

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