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Rails Chicago

True to it's reputation as the 'Railroading Center of the United States', Chicago, Illinois puts on a full throttle show for the viewer. During 1987 fifteen different railroads were filmed around the greater Chicago area. Many of these railroads no longer exist, having been merged into the 'super companies' of today.
There were many operational changes taking place, freight trains are still seen with a caboose, but there are several running with end-of-train devices. The ill-fated Southern Pacific / Santa Fe merger is recorded with several views of the 'Kodachrome' merger paint scheme.
In addition to the extensive freight operations, a CNW inspection train makes an appearance with it's beautifully matched equipment. The METRA commuter rail system also receives coverage, providing a complete document of this city's rail activity.

Detroit Toledo & Ironton - Vol. 1

The Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad began in 1874 as the narrow gauge Springfield, Jackson & Pomeroy Railroad. It was standard gauged in 1880 and after a series of reorganizations, became the DT&I in 1914. Henry Ford bought the railroad in 1920, being dissatisfied with their service to his automobile manufacturing plants.
After many improvements, and an experiment with electric power, he sold the DT&I to the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1929. Archival black & white film from the Ford Company begins this record of the DT&I's history. Beginning in 1963, noted railroad photographer Emery Gulash recorded the railroad's activities through 1975. The final scenes were shot by Steve Neff in the 1980s as the Grand Trunk Railroad took over ownership, and the DT&I passed into history.

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
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