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Rockets & Rails

In Central Florida at the Kennedy Space Center, one of the oldest forms of transportation technology, the railroad, plays a major role in future transportation, the space program. The NASA Railroad uses 3 rebuilt SW 1500 diesel locomotive to haul freight on the 40 miles of track at the KSC.
Among the freight handled by the NASA Railroad are the solid rocket boosters for the Shuttle, and sections of the Titan rocket boosters. Many operations of the railroad are seen which are not accessible to the general public, including the recovery and reloading of the Shuttle booster casings aboard their special cars for reuse.
As many areas of the KSC are a wilderness preserve, the trains are shown running along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline under pristine conditions, with occasional views of launch towers in the background.


East Broad Top

The East Broad Top Railroad holds a unique position in American Railroad history. Although plentiful at one time the EBT is the last remaining 3 foot narrow gauge railroad in the Eastern United States. Originally built in 1871, to haul coal and coke to the Pennsylvania Railroad, and service a major brick manufacturer on line, the EBT exists today as an intact historical record of those days.
The viewer will see the EBT in operation during 1953 as a commercial railroad. The Railroad was finally abandoned in 1956 due to the decreased use of coal. Following this closing the property was untouched for nearly 20 years, not a tool in the shops, not a locomotive or car, and not even a paper on a desk. To celebrate the Bicentennial the scrap dealer who bought the railroad brought back limited operations, some of which are seen here.
Holiday card perfect views of the train running through the beautiful Aughwick Valley in the snow, complete the scene.

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
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Total time - 52 minutes


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