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Narrow Gauge Passenger Chase

On May 29,1965 the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club arranged for a passenger train on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. This 3 foot narrow gauge line ran from Alamosa to Durango through the majestic San Juan Mountains.
This special run was shot by noted railroad photographer Emery Gulash throughout the trip. With Class K-36 locomotive #483 this train of all passenger equipment ,borrowed from the Silverton Line, traverses areas of the railroad which are not in service today as tourist operations. The high mountain scenery is awe inspiring, with many areas still blanketed in snow from the previous winter.


Illinois Central - Vol. 1

Filmed over a 30 year period, from the 1950s to the 1980s, this episode records a very active period in the history of the Illinois Central Railroad. Beginning in the late steam era, many of the IC's massive locomotives are recorded in both freight and passenger service.
Scenes of these locomotives were shot on the mainlines, in the yards, and at servicing facilities. The transition to first generation diesels continues this history. In the mid 1970s the IC merged with the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio to form the Illinois Central Gulf. The ICG owned over 9500 mile of track, and began selling off branch lines.
By 1987 the railroad had trimmed the track to 3000 miles and it's name back to Illinois Central. The viewer will be intrigued by several rare scenes of night operations.

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
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Total time - 52 minutes


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