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Package-DVD Winter Trains 3-Disc Collectors Set


DISC # 1

Conrail Winter

Photographer Rich Scheid’s professional digital camera captures the last winter for Conrail, and the worst in Conrail's history. Shot on the Dearborn Division, where 32 inches of snow fell in just a few days. Operations came to a halt with snow covered and frozen switches. We visit location’s in Michigan and Ohio along the Detroit to Toledo line, and on the Michigan line which runs from Detroit to Chicago. 69 Minutes

Rotary on the Rio Grande

In 1975 and 1976 the Cumbres and Toltec fired up Rio Grande Rotary OM. These two snow plow adventures run out of Chama during the late winter and inspired many to chase and photograph the events. But none covered it as well as noted photographer, Emery Gulash. In this DVD you will witness the re-creation of the Rio Grande snow trains made famous in the history of the narrow gauge line: bucking snow drifts, backing up and hitting hard again to break the packed snow, powerful showers of snow flinging out the snow chute and burying anything in the snow showers path.

Emery captured some beautiful snow scenes filmed on the Colorado narrow gauge. Locos 492 (a class K-37), 487 and 483 (class K-36's) do the honors in this film. This program depicts the roughest, toughest work the Rio Grande had to endure, and you will want to watch every minute of it over and over to appreciate the effort that went in to keeping the lines open during the winter seasons. From original 16mm color film. 70 Minutes

DISC # 2

CSX Toledo Sub. Pt 2

This video covers the CSX Toledo Sub. from Tipp City, Ohio to Wapakoneta, Ohio and was shot from September 2008 to March of 2010. This busy single track line sees abundant action during daylight hours and includes automotive trains carrying both parts and vehicles, commodity trains such as ore, coal, and grain, as well as regular manifest trains. This particular area of the Toledo Sub. has a concentrated number of passing sidings to make rail-fanning this line interesting. In addition, most of these sidings are still controlled by CPL’s or Color Position Light Signals.

This fact alone brings many rail-fans to visit and photograph the Toledo Sub. These ancient CPL’s are slowly being replaced by modern traffic light type signals. Many of these scenes were shot in the frigid, snow blowing winter of 2009-2010. Other areas visited in this video will be Troy, Piqua, Kirkwood, Sidney Jct, Sidney, Swanders, Anna, and Botkins. 82 minutes

NS-A Tour of the Thoroughbred Vol. 4

Photographed in the mid-2000’s-Follow the camera of Chris Wehman as he slips and slides throughout frozen Indiana during the winter months. Be sure to bundle up as we visit some of our favorite locations such as the Chicago Line west of Butler, and the Fort Wayne area. We'll also catch NS and CSX action around Lafayette, including a final look at the famous Monon "semaphore" signals located south of town.

We’ll finish up our winter time look at the Hoosier state by following along with short-line Indiana Northeastern. If you like snow, Norfolk Southern, A Tour of the Thoroughbred Volume Four is a worthy addition to your video collection. Coverage includes: Waterloo, Butler, Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Colburn, Bluffton, Muncie, Wawaka, Kendallville, Edon, Ft. Wayne, Hill Jct. 84 Minutes

DISC # 3

NS-A Tour of he Thoroughbred Vol. 9

Camera of Chris Wehman, Get ready for another exciting look at modern American railroading in Norfolk Southern A Tour of the Thoroughbred Volume 9, Indiana Winter Part 2. Just like our last look at the frozen heartland in NS Volume 5, we'll take a look at Norfolk Southern operations during the winter of 2014-2015.

This action-packed program will feature trains from Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, and Amtrak. Several of Norfolk Southern's heritage units will be seen, along with brand new power, as well as unusual units from foreign railroads. More beautiful Videography from the HD camera of Chris Wehman—Gorgeous Sunset & Sunrise shots, Winter Scenes and more, Creative shot angles, Dynamic 5.1 Surround Sound Audio. If you like big time railroading and frigid winter weather, this video is for you! Locations include: NS Chicago Line between Butler, IN and Bryan, OH; NS Huntington District between Butler and Ft. Wayne, IN, the NS Fostoria District east of Ft. Wayne, the CSX Garrett Subdivision, and the Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Eastern Railroad. 68 Minutes

Railroading through the Winter of 1993

The Winter of 1993 was extremely tough on almost everyone in the Northeast part of the North American continent. It was especially rough on the railroads. Schedules were only for reference as train crews, dispatchers and gandy dancers worked long hours to clear tracks, rescue stalled trains, and try to keep up some semblance of operation. Robert McCormack of Hamilton Ontario braved many of these elements to capture some great trains-in-snow action.

This video covers the Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Amtrak, CSX, Grand Trunk, Via Rail, and Co Transit. Locations covered include: Alershot, Burlington West, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Copetown, Dundas, and Bayview Junction...all in the province of Ontario as well as action in New York State. 59 Minutes

3 DVD Set--Approx: 7.2 Hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 & 5.1 Surround
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Package-DVD Winter Trains 3-Disc Collectors Set

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