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DVD-South Shore Line-Special (2 Discs)


South Shore Line

From the camera of Dan Morris comes all color and sound action on the South Shore Railroad of the 1970’s. The car logo proclaimed “The Little Train That Could”.

Join us for a look at the CSS&SB in 1975-1978 as filmed in color with original sound. You’ll see passenger operations from Chicago, Illinois to South Bend, Indiana and experience freight action with “Little Joe’s” and ex-Chessie Geep 7’s.

These films were taken during one of the South Shore’s darkest hours. A period when parent railroad, Chessie, was petitioning the ICC to abandon passenger service. But the South Shore survives today with an all new passenger fleet. This DVD covers operations from Randolf Street to South Bend. You’ll see fall colors, as well as summer and winter scenes!
Approx. 67 Minutes


By the late 1970s, the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad was living out the last years as a step-child of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. The C&O had purchased the South Shore in 1965 as a bridge route for its freight business.

A decade later, the drain on revenues from extensive passenger operations was taking its toll on the 91-mile railway running from downtown Chicago to South Bend, Indiana. Born shortly after the dawn of the twentieth century, the South Shore had been the sturdiest of Samuel Insull’s network of Midwestern electric interurban railways—and it managed to survive on that strength when all the others faded away.

By 1976, the paint on the cars was chipped and frayed, and the many stations were becoming, well, a little run-down. Despite this, the South Shore rolled on in the hands of
its capable employees. Join with us as we look at the 1976-1980 era South Shore through the movie camera lens of Roger M. Koenig. Approx. 64 Minutes


South Shore in the 70’s

This program features action in the 1970’s from Randolph Street Station to South Bend with box cabs, Little Joe’s, freight and passenger coverage, plus CTA, IC Electrics and Skokie Swift. Original film by Fred Bruhn. Color, background music, Approx. 1 hr



Electric Railways of Chicago Part 2 Join us for a second tour of the electric railways in and around Chicago. View footage captured on 16mm film by the noted photographer David J. Williams III. David captured all the action between the 50’s & 80’s on both color and black & white film.

The majority of this program covers the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend. In addition view action captured on the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin, the CTA, the EL, the Illinois Central, and Metra Commuter operations. Equipment viewed are: PCC, passenger cars, steeple cabs, freight motors, and Little Joes. You’ll view this exciting footage from trackside, on car, as well as pacing scenes. One hour, color and B&W, music, and no narration.


South Shore Line
Total Run Time Approx: 4.2 Hours
Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0 Stereo
4-Complete Programs

DVD-South Shore Line-Special (2 Discs)

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