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Package-DVD Rails Canada 3-Disc Collectors Set


DISC # 1

The Agawa Canyon-Tour train

An Excellent way to re-live your Tour Train experience, from the warmth of an Algoma summer, to the crispness of fall and the harshness of winter, we cover it all. You’ll not only be track-side and aboard the Tour Train locomotives and coaches but also airborne for a bird’s eye view of this spectacular area. 31 Minutes

Branch-lines in Transition

Take a look at the operation of 5 Southern Ontario branch-lines. Shot in the late 1990’s just prior to many branches being taken over by short-lines or having sections partially abandoned, you’ll join the crews, be track-side, aboard the trains, and even ride a plow extra. A great look at how it was, not that long ago. 42 Minutes

BONUS: On-board Go 558... takes you in the cab on a Toronto commuter run.


DISC # 2

General Motors Locomotives-Manufacture to Mainline

1. Birth of a Locomotive... is an in-depth look at the building and testing of an F59PH for GO Transit.
3. GM Locomotives... provides a look at numerous types and ages of GM power working a variety of assignments.
Run Times: Program 1- 38 Minutes -  Program 3- 32 Minutes

Muskoka Railroading

Railroaders refer to the CN and CPR mainlines running north of Toronto and through the spectacular Muskoka region of Ontario, as “the north end”. This is an area of not only countless lakes, rock and forest. but also heavy duty rail activity.You’ll be track-side as well as in the cab as “Muskoka Railroading” shows CN, CP, VIA and ONR during a Muskoka summer and winter. 60 Minutes


DISC # 3

The Tail-End

“The Tail-End” takes us back in time, as we ride 450 and 451 between Toronto and North Bay, on one of the last CN trains to still have a regular caboose. 52 Minutes


Trains Wires & Towers

You’ll explore the world of interlocking towers and rush hour train movements at Toronto Union, both from track-side and inside the three towers. Via Rail, GO Transit, Amtrak and CN trains are all featured in this fast moving and fascinating program.

To complete the coverage, you’ll be out with the track crews after a winter storm, as they struggle to keep the trains moving through the multitude of terminal switches.

Rails Wires Pantagraphs

Join us for a very unique look at electric railroading. See Milwaukee L'll Joes in Idaho, Canadian National's Montreal electric lines as well as New Jersey's GG-1's and E-Units. A quick look at Amtrak, then it's off to the South Shore Line for lots of interurban and L'll Joe action. This program will change your mind if electrics don't interest you. Total Two programs 79 Minutes

3 DVD Set--Approx: 5.8 Hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
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Package-DVD Rails Canada 3-Disc Collectors Set

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