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DVD-Canrail-RF Ontario Pt3 (Burlington W. & Bayview Jct. Cont.)


It’s been nearly 25 years since the video you will see was last produced by Canrail Video Productions. All the rail action was shot on Beta1 between 1987 and 1988 during the heat of summer to the coldest winter day.

In 2011 Canrail Video, in partnership with Green Frog Productions, is proud to release Railfan Ontario Part 3 on DVD. State of the art production facilities bring this now vintage footage back to life as you’ll see all the action along Canada ’s hot spot.

This area between Burlington West and Bayview Jct. is home to CN, CP, VIA Rail, Amtrak and Go Transit. Run through power was a real treat back in the 80’s as you’ll see Bessemer & Lake Erie, GT and DT&I units. Also common place back then was every ones favorite…. The caboose!

Coming soon... the re-make of Railfan Ontario Part 1 shot in Beta 2 which covers a larger area from Toronto to Windsor. Added footage will include the Ontario Northland Railway.

Approx: 58 Minutes--Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Canrail Video Productions
42 Blair Ave
Hamilton Ontario Canada L8H 6E7

Video from Canrail Video Productions Library

DVD-Canrail-RF Ontario Pt3 (Burlington W. & Bayview Jct. Cont.)

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