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Package-DVD-Pennsylvania Maryland WV Favorites (Collectors Edition)


Western Maryland-End of an Era

In the mid 70's, Emery Gulash brought his 16mm camera to West Virginia and lovingly photographed the Western Maryland before its total absorption by the B&O and Chessie. Here is mountain railroading in the east at its best. Multi-unit lash-ups of F7's and Geeps were the mainstay of the WM.

On three successive days, Emery shot considerable footage of the struggle through the Appalachians of these vintage trains. 70 Minutes


CSX in Western Pennsylvania

This program covers the action on Sand Patch Grade from 1987 to 1989 between Rockwood and Hyndman. You’ll see single helpers on the west slope and as many as three units pushing on the east grade to the Summit of the Alleghenies.

Locations featured include--Rockwood, Garrett, Salisbury Jct., Meyersdale, Glade City, Keystone Viaduct, Sand Patch, Manila, Mance (the B&O’s Horseshoe Curve), Glencoe, South Hampton, Foley, Falls Cut Tunnel, Fairhope and Hyndman. Many different color schemes are shown. Color, sound, some music, no narration, on-screen graphics. One hour.


The Monongahela Railway

Videographer Steve Neff set out to capture what is perhaps the most photogenic Rairoad in Pennsylvania. His beautiful composition and attention to details make this video an outstanding reference to one of the nations most modern Railroads. The Monongahela (pronounced "Monon-GA-Hela") is a major coal hauling Railroad running through Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Unit trains from Detroit Edison, Somerset Railway, Wisconsin Electric, and others are shown in this video. Motive power from the Pittsburg and Lake Erie, Chicago & Northwestern, CSX, Detroit Edison and Conrail as well as the Monongahela's own handsome Super 7's are shown.

You will see four and six axle EMD and GE powered trains (including the wide cab 4000 hp Conrail units.) The Monongahela is organized into two operating divisions. The Eastern portion of the line is not too scenic, and is not covered in this video in deference to the beautiful scenery available to set off the trains on the western division.

With action galore, this railroad becomes the seventh largest coal hauling Railroad in the United States. In 1989 it moved over 17 Million Tons of coal! Action is shown on all of the western division branches including the West Brownsville branch , the Ten Mile branch, the Manor branch (including action at Bailey Mine.) The Waynesburg branch, and the Miracle Run branch. 59 minutes


East Broad Top

Only one visit to the EBT is enough to realize how special this National Historic Landmark really is. The EBT is one of the very few places in North America where one can still see steam powered action AND railroad history virtually untouched by time.

With bright, crisp 16mm film, and all in color, Emery caught all the action from the early 50's through two Winter Spectaculars in the 70's. You will see freight and passenger action, double headers and even triple headers as they work their way up and down the line. 120 Minutes


Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Beautiful coverage of this tourist line which runs on ex-Western Maryland trackage. An Alco RS-3 and FPA-4 haul this train through great mountain scenery. 32 Minutes


The Pennsylvania Railroad

Beginning in the summer of 1952...This DVD covers the time frame from 1952 to 1969. Follow Emery and his 16mm Bolex cameras as he records in beautiful color the end of steam and the transition to first generation diesels.

You'll see Decapods, Baldwin Centipedes, and Sharks, 'F' units, early Geeps, GG-1's, Alco RS-3's, just to name a few.

Locations covered are: Tunnel Hill, Horseshoe Curve, Holidaysburg, Altoona, Fort Wayne, Wallbridge Yard, The 'Corridor' as well as many other 'hot spots'. You'll witness many of the Pennsy's name trains such as The Duquesne, The Pennsylvania Limited, The Broadway Limited...And we haven't forgotton you freight and electric fans either. 62 Minutes


Cass & Mower Logging Trains

Carl Franz has been showing off logging trains on the Cass for over 20 years. In cooperation with the Cass Scenic Railroad of West Virginia, he has run logging trains through the woods, up switchbacks, and with double headed trains! The Spectaculars ran in spring, fall and winter.

Carl, along with his friend Robert Flack, captured some of the most fantastic material ever shot of logging trains on 16mm film. In this DVD you will see Shay's #2, #3, #4, #5, and Heisler #6 work logging trains up to lofty Bald Knob (4,842 ft.). You'll also witness action with Western Maryland Shay #6 on the Durbin branch, (the now extinct ex-C&O Greenbriar branch).

The winter shots are really spectacular, some in blinding blizzards!...and the spring and fall shots will also take your breath away! There is action of each of these trains filmed from special photo trains, as well as the traditional all steam train race near the Cass station!

There are NO tourist trains in these shots...just logging trains! In addition, this DVD includes more than 15 minutes of film from the predecessor to the Cass, the Mower Lumber Company. This 16mm color footage shows actual logging operations of Mower and other footage from Cass, shot by photographer Robert Flack!

The Mower Company footage includes log loaders and skidders, log trains being loaded, switched, dumped, and logs being dragged by the 'green chain' into the mill! 89 Minutes


CSX 8-Baltimore Service Lane-Cumberland Business Unit

Travel with Green Frog through mountains, CSX shops, and a bit of steam on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad as we follow more CSX operations. This DVD takes you on the Baltimore Service Lane, and the Cumberland Business Unit.

The terms 'Service Lane' and 'Business Unit' are CSX's new definitions of a 'Division' although 'Sub-divisions' are still part of each 'Service Lane' and 'Business Unit'. This DVD covers portions of Cumberland, Cumberland Terminal, Keystone and Mountain Subdivisions as well.

You'll have an opportunity to visit inside the CSX engine facilities at Cumberland and witness the repair and maintenance facilities. See the first CSX 700, and SD70AC being used for crew training, wheel repairs, and much more.

We'll travel the mainline between Hyndman to the west, and Paw Paw to the east, viewing exciting CSX action along the way. 56 Minutes


CSX 12-Pennsylvania & Western Maryland Fall Spectacular

We bring you more spectacular footage from the professional digital camera of Rich Scheid. In CSX 12 Pennsylvania & Western Maryland Fall Spectacular you will see beautiful Fall color action at Cumberland and Corriganville, Maryland, Mance, Foley, Glencoe, Fall Cut Tunnel, Confluence, Ohio Pyle, Sand Patch, and Glade City, Pennsylvania, Harpers Ferry, VA....and much more!

You'll see Amtrak, freights with helper service, yard action (including hump yards), track crews keeping the railroad running, as well as Ohio River crossings. Join the Green Frog cameras as they take you on this beautiful Fall adventure along CSX. 84 Minutes


Tracks of the old Pennsylvania Railroad

The NS thoroughbreds conquer the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania and Horseshoe Curve in this video. Shot in the many moods of Autumn and fall colors by professional photographer Rich Scheid. We’ll start out near Spruce Creek, PA., then head west through Union Furnace over the Juniata River to Tyrone. Then on to Altoona, PA. and over Horseshoe Curve, in its many moods, and then on to Gallitzin Tunnel.

Next we’ll travel to Cresson, Lilly, Cassandra, Summer Hill, E. Conemaugh, Johnstown, and the scenic Conemaugh Gorge. So sit back and enjoy mountain railroading and fantastic scenery, along with hard working locomotives with helpers... 91 Minutes


5 DVD Set--12 Hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo & 5.1 Surround
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Package-DVD-Pennsylvania Maryland WV Favorites (Collectors Edition)

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