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DVD-Penn Central vol6



A giant bump up in quality, you will see much more of the original Film quality, sharpness, brightness, and color on this DVD!!

The 16mm film on this production was scanned with a state of the art Frame by Frame film scanner in Full 1080i High Definition.
The Frame by Frame scanning gives you Zero film flicker, and a smooth almost 3 dimensional quality to the film. You also get very accurate True to Life original Color!

Long after the Consolidated Rail Corporation, Conrail for short, absorbed the Penn Central and six other railroads in the Northeast on April 1, 1976, many locomotives continued to ply the rails in Brunswick Green paint, or in the paint schemes of the Erie Lackawanna, Reading, Lehigh Valley, or other roads.

Even as newly painted blue Conrail locomotives appeared here and there, the old power still held sway on the high iron, often with dark flanks after the Penn Central name had been painted over and with the “CR” initials stenciled on the nose where the interlocking PC emblem had once been.

Freight equipment went thorough a similar metamorphoses, as the newer cars were slowly repainted and the older rolling stock was replaced.

This, then, is a very large railroad in transition, as Emery Gulash filmed the fading Penn Central giant during the late 1970s.

Locations include:
Junction Yard Branch in Detroit, Interstate 75 bridge, Altoona depot, Ypsilanti, MI., Ann Arbor, MI., Horseshoe Curve, Town Line, MI. Central Depot, Dearborn, MI., Detroit, Wayne Jct.

Equipment Includes:
GP-40s, Alco's, GP-38s, F-units, E-units, Amtrak, French Turboliner, GP-9, F-40-PHs.

This production has Limited RR Sound FX with added 16mm Projector Sound and Narration. The Train Audio Sound FX on this production came from the Original Emery Gulash, Walt Sardinha Sound Library.

Note: This DVD has been down-converted from our High Definition Video Master and will properly play on Wide-screen televisions as 16x9 and on 4x3 televisions as pan & scan!

From the Camera of Emery Gulash -- From 16mm Color Film
Approx. 43 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

DVD-Penn Central vol6

$29.98 $13.49 On Sale!
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