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Package-DVD Ohio Hot Spots Pt2 Special

5 DVD Collectors Set...
5 Complete Programs - 6.8 Hours - Ohio Hot Spots Pt2 Special


Disc 1 - Rails to Cincinnati-Railfanning Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Cincinnati, an unlikely location for a railroad gateway, is located amidst seven hills and the Ohio River. The reason why this location became a hub is that, at one time, seven railroads converged here. Today, Norfolk-Southern and CSX are the major players. NS has traffic coming from the New Castle line (Ft. Wayne to Cincinnati), the Dayton District (Columbus to Cincinnati) and from the First District (Danville KY to Cincinnati).

The First District is also a “link” to Chattanooga which in turn is a connector to rail lines leading to Atlanta, Florida, Birmingham, New Orleans and other points. CSX has traffic coming from Indianapolis, Toledo, and Louisville. Two major yards are located in Cincinnati. Guest Street Yard, which is surrounded on three sides by CSX’s Queensgate Yard, and belongs to NS.

You’ll see trains arriving from the north and south waiting their turn to either bypass the yard or enter for switching and classification. You’ll also see locations leading into Cincinnati from both the Kentucky and Ohio sides of the Ohio River. Panoramic views are also shown from two high overlooks on both the Ohio and Kentucky sides of the Ohio River. To ease congestion of traffic to and from the North, NS and CSX entered a joint agreement for bi-directional running of north and southbound trains from Hamilton, Ohio to Cincinnati.
74 Minutes


Disc 2 - Norfolk Southern’s Dayton District-From Middletown to London Ohio

The line runs from Columbus, southwest to Cincinnati, along former Pennsylvania Railroad and New York Central Railroad lines. Its east end is at or near the Columbus District, Sandusky District, and West Virginia Secondary; its south end is near Bond Hill, where it meets CSX Transportation's Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision and the Indiana and Ohio Railway's Midland Subdivision. Along the way, it junctions the New Castle Subdivision at Evendale.

This program was shot between April of 2008 and February of 2009. During most of 2008 this line saw on average, 15 trains per 24 hour period, not including extras and specials. Towards the end of 2008, the recession began to take its toll on the railroad business of the Dayton District. The General Motors Assembly Plant in Moraine (Dayton) Ohio was closed for good in December of 2008. As a result, 5 trains were abolished due to this plant's closing. Locations covered in this video will be Middletown, Miamisburg, Moraine, Fairborn, Enon, Snyderville, Springfield, Brook Siding, Plattsburg and London. 89 Minutes


Disc 3 - Norfolk Southern-Railfanning Ohio Vol 1

You will see some frequently visited locations such as Oak Harbor Ohio, and Marion Ohio, then we watch some train movements at more obscure locations such as Springfield, Fairborn, Bucyrus, Eaton and Attica Jct. We even acquired some run-by footage in nearby Richmond IN. You’ll even see one of the NS Heritage Units, the NKP #8100, pulling a coal train towards Northern Ohio.

Witness Klaxon Horns replacing train horns at railroad crossings in Springfield Ohio. See brand new NS EMD SD70ACE 4300 horsepower loco's. Watch double stack trains on the NS Dayton District. This was due to increased bridge clearances that were recently completed to permit this higher type of rail car to clear these structures. Watch the CSX/KCS double stack Schneider train arrive at Marion from the North and make a runaround move to drag the consist East to the Marion Schneider Intermodal Yard. 74 Minutes


Disc 4 - Railfan Park Fostoria Ohio September 26th, 2014

Railfans from all over the world visit this location and it is one of the nicest parks in the US. The park is open 24/7, 365 days per year. The park is in the shape of a triangle due to three major railroad mainlines converging here. These three mainlines are the Chicago to Pittsburgh CSX Line, the Columbus to Toledo CSX Line and the NS FT. Wayne to Bellevue Ohio Line. High Definition Video was shot both from the ground and from an aerial drone. Bonus video of other popular railfan locations in Ohio are shown which include train watching spots such as Deshler, Berea, Attica Jct. and Greenwich.

In addition you’ll see bonus footage of four NS Heritage Units running on the NS Dayton District. Other bonus content includes trains running in Tipp City, Fairborn, and Springfield Ohio. Fast Paced, Unique Aerial shots, and a variety of trains round out this program available on DVD and BluRay.

94 Mins.


Disc 5 - CSX Diamond (Lima Ohio)

At one time this "former" hot spot was the crossroads of the Pennsylvania RR's Pittsburgh to Chicago Mainline and the B&O's Toledo to Cincinnati Subdivision. Today, CSX owns both the east-west and north/south tracks at this location. CSX leases the previously owned Pennsy/Penn Central/Conrail line to the Chicago, Ft. Wayne, and Eastern Regional Railroad.

CSX operates the previously owned Baltimore and Ohio/Chessie System tracks that carries traffic from north to south. Due to heavy train congestion in Chicago, Norfolk-Southern has obtained trackage rights from CSX to run between 4-6 eastbound trains per day on the old Ft. Wayne line and these trains are primarily loaded oil trains from the Bakken oil shale fields in North Dakota and Montana.

You will see a wide variety of foreign power such as CN, CP, British Columbia, BNSF, Southern Pacific, CF&E, Toledo Peoria and Western, I&O, Missouri and North Arkansas, several leased units, NS, and of course CSX .The recently painted NS #3170, painted in the original Southern paint scheme will make a cameo appearance on a local NS train. Consists will be comprised of oil shale, ethanol, grain, auto racks, double stacks, coal and manifest trains. 80 Minutes


5 DVD Set--Approx: 6.8 Hours
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Package-DVD Ohio Hot Spots Pt2 Special

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