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Package-DVD-Ohio Hot Spots (Collectors Edition)



See some of the favorite train watching locations in the Buckeye State. The following are a few of the locations covered in this program: Deshler, Fostoria, Marion (former train watching capital of Ohio), Ridgeway and Dayton.

Trains represented include Conrail, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Grand Trunk.

Color and sound, no narration, one hour



The first eight minutes of this program feature 16mm movie footage shot by Alvin Shultz and Jim O'Dell, between 1962 and 1972 at locations including; Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton and Springfield, Ohio.

A wide variety of motive power is shown including a test run of the first Amtrak Turbo, "E"&"F" units, Sharks, GP-7's, 9's 30's and 40's of the B&O, C&O, N.Y.C. and Penn Central.

Returning to 1988 you will see both Norfolk Southern and CSX "Roadrailers". Springfield, normally not a "Hot Spot" saw many extra movements in September due to a detour caused by major track work on the Toledo to Columbus main line south of Ridgeway.

Motive power includes Chicago & NorthWestern, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific.

Color and sound, no narration, one hour



This is our third installment of the Ohio Hot Spot Series. The following locations are covered: Sidney, Quincy, Ridgeway, Galion, Bellevue, and Berea Interlocking in Cleveland.

Motive power includes Grand Trunk, Conrail, CSX, and Norfolk-Southern. Some of the locations will feature towers, bridges, former depots and passenger stations, diamonds, junctions, and hump yards.

Color and sound, on screen graphics, no narration, one hour.



We’ll visit the high density CSX mainline that carries traffic to and from the east coast to Chicago. The three locations covered in this video are: Deshler, Fostoria, and Greenwich, Ohio.

Almost ten years prior, Neff Video had visited Deshler and Fostoria. Many changes have taken place in this time span. CSX has relaid the double track that was taken-up just years ago. This event was caused by the sale of Conrail and subsequently was divided by CSX and Norfolk-Southern. The B&O position light signals have nearly all been replaced with the newer UP style.

The town of Fostoria has become choked with train traffic that in the past has tied-up road crossings for hours. The congestion has spurred plans to build overpasses or duck-unders to alleviate this problem. Much of this increase in train traffic has been attributed to the rerouting of some of Conrail’s trains off the Bee Line in mid Ohio and the Lake Shore Line in northern Ohio.

Fostoria has three major rail lines that intersect there: CSX (the former C&O line from Toledo to Russell, KY), the east-west CSX (former B&O line between Willard and Chicago), and the Norfolk Southern (former NKP Line between Bellevue and Ft. Wayne).

Deshler, was once known at the Crossroads of the B&O. Railfans are welcome here as evidenced by the railroader’s park on the southwest quadrant of the diamond. CSX’s Toledo to Cincinnati line intersects here with the CSX Willard to Chicago line.

Greenwich has become the latest attraction for railfans to visit. The former Conrail (ex-NYC line from Columbus to Cleveland) crosses the Willard to Chicago Line at this location.

One hour, full color, sound, no narration and on-screen graphics.

Videography by Gary Melford



To say a location is “The Train Watching Capitol of Ohio” is asking for trouble from railfans! But where else can one find at least 30 scheduled trains a day through one town in Ohio? Marion sees 16 per day on Conrail, 4 scheduled trains each day on CSX (plus extras), and 10 trains per day, plus extras on Norfolk Southern.

Steve Neff of Neff Video Productions has been capturing railroad action across the U.S. since the early 1980’s. Come follow the camera of Steve Neff as he captures incredible action on these three lines in and around Marion, Ohio.

60 Minutes-Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo



Volume 9 takes us between Willard, Ohio and Deshler, Ohio...One of the busiest mainlines on CSX. In Volume 9 you'll see the addition of a new main, an expansion addition to the yard at Willard, and contractors installing new track and new signaling systems, as well as action in the engine service facilities, including power being turned on the turntable.

We'll catch action at Deshler where the old B&O crossed its own line, at one time considered 'The Crossroads of America'. Now CSX crosses itself at the same location.

We'll visit a 'hobo' stew party at Deshler, and meet some locals who love the trains at Deshler.

59 Minutes--Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround



Green Frog Productions, and Neff Video Productions, brings you Deshler Ohio (crossroads of CSX)

Deshler Crossroads park is the "Crossroads of The B&O", now CSX. Located in Northwest Ohio the park is home to good times and over 60 trains a day. The park is located on the Southwest quadrant of the Chicago to Pittsburgh East-West Line and the Cincinnati to Toledo-Detroit North-South Line.

Our camera crews visited Deshler in May, June and October of 2009. Not only will you see action at this Ohio Hot Spot but we'll take you on a tour of the new CSX Intermodal Yard being constructed near North Baltimore Ohio. The yard will be approximately one mile wide by five miles long.

CSX will place in service 5 intermodal container / trailer cranes at the yard. They are the largest type in the world spanning 8 yard tracks. A lot of the work will be moved out of Chicago and to N.Baltimore due to theft / security reasons.

We'll also take you to the diamonds on either side of Deshler at Galatea to the East and Hamler to the West for a brief visit. You'll see numerous stack and mail trains at this busy junction, tanker trains, perishable fruit and vegetable trains from the West Coast, coal trains, grain and of course regular manifest trains.

The majority of the locomotive power will be CSX in the old and new paint schemes. Other power viewed will be BNSF, NS, UP, SP and Santa Fe.

Cover photos by: Dave Oroszi, Train Symbol info provided by Dave Oroszi and Erik Landrum.

80 minutes--Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround


Over 7 Hours
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround & 2.0 Stereo
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Narration on/off--Select Shows

Package-DVD-Ohio Hot Spots (Collectors Edition)

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