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Neff DVD-N064 The "Mon" Line

The "Mon" Line

Western Pennsylvanians call It the "Mon" when talking about the Monongahela River which flows north from the mountains of West Virginia to Pittsburgh, Pa.

Along side this winding river, railroads mimic its journey with coal flowing from Appalachian mines to the electrical power generating plants and the steel Industry's coke plants. No coincidence that the railroads would name this busy and vital branch... THE "MON" LINE.

Neff Video and videographer Bob Sechler will take you on a 1 hour tour along this NS (former Conrail and Pennsy) line that has evolved in the 1990's to include Intermodal and general merchandise trains in addition to the coal and steel industry traffic. The "Mon" Line that this DVD covers ranges from CP "Bell" on the NS Ft, Wayne Line to CP 59 in W. Brownsville, Pa.

See the imposing C Bridge just north of Pittsburgh, that spans the Ohio River, from different viewpoints, street running in West Brownsville, push-pull coal trains, along with scenes from Homestead, Munhall, Coal Valley, California, Duquesne, Monongahela, W. Elizabeth, N. Charlerol, Coal Center, Roscoe, Pittsburgh's South Side, and others.

Witness motive power from NS, Conrail, Santa Fe, CN, BN, CNW, UP. CSX. Detroit Edison, and Monongahela, Models range from SD8OMAC's and
C44-9W's to the MGA's unique Super 7's.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Sixty minutes, color, sound, onscreen graphics depict locations and
train symbols and no narration,
Copyright 2001 Steve Neff
Cover Photo by Bill Sechler

Neff DVD-N064 The "Mon" Line

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