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Neff DVD-N053-Ohio Hot Spots Part-4
In this action-packed video, we will visit the high density CSX mainline that carries traffic to and from the east coast to Chicago. The three locations covered in this video are: Deshler, Fostoria, and Greenwich,Ohio.

Almost ten years prior, Neff Video had visited Deshler and Fostoria. Many changes have taken place in this time span. CSX has relaid the double track that was taken-up just years ago. This event was caused by the sale of Conrail and subsequently was divided by CSX and Norfolk-Southern.

The B&O position light signals have nearly all been replaced with the newer UP style. The town of Fostoria has become choked with train traffic that in the past has tied-up road crossings for hours. The congestion has spurred plans to build overpasses or duck-unders to alleviate this problem.

Much of this increase in train traffic has been attributed to the rerouting of some of Conrail’s trains off the Bee Line in mid Ohio and the Lake Shore Line in northern Ohio. Fostoria has three major rail lines that intersect there: CSX (the former C&O line from Toledo to Russell, KY), the east-west CSX (former B&O line between Willard and Chicago), and the Norfolk-Southern (former NKP Line between Bellevue and Ft. Wayne).

Deshler, was once known at the Crossroads of the B&O. Railfans are welcome here as evidenced by the railroader’s park on the southwest quadrant of the diamond. CSX’s Toledo to Cincinnati line intersects here with the CSX Willard to Chicago line. Greenwich has become the latest attraction for railfans to visit. The former Conrail (ex-NYC line from Columbus to Cleveland) crosses the Willard to Chicago Line at this location.

One hour, full color, sound, no narration and on-screen graphics. Videography by Gary Melford

Copyright 2000 Steve Neff

Neff DVD-N053-Ohio Hot Spots Part-4

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