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Package-Mopac 5Pak DVD

DVD #1
Welcome To MoPac- Introductory film for new employees.

Brakeman's Lot- Duties of a Brakeman.

Not A Piece of Cake- Duties of Engineers & Hostlers.

Back Again- Safe lifting techniques.

Signal Indications- Introduction & training film on wayside signals.

91 Minutes total

DVD #2
Yard Terminals - Yard & Terminal Systems
These videos give an overview of the new (at that time) computer system known as TCS or Transportation Control System, and the various sub-systems such as YATS that supported TCS, and were used specifically in major terminals.

79 Minutes total

DVD #3
Rule 99- Flagman’s duties to protect stopped trains.

On, Under or Between- Protecting workers around rolling stock.

Protective Equipment- Proper use of personal safety equipment.

Making of a Train- How cars are assigned to a train and billed to the customer.

Dangerous Placarded Cars- Proper handling of cars carrying hazardous materials.

MoPac Delivers- Promotional film for customers about how the railroad industry is changing and MoPac is leading the way.

74 Minutes total

DVD #4
World of MoPac- An introductory film for customers about MoPac.

Modern Pace In Transportation- 1950’s MoPac Film, contains both Steam & Diesel footage.

Train Orders- How to write, send & receive train orders.

83.5 Minutes total

DVD #5
Inspection For Defects- How and when to inspect trains for defects.

Intermodal- Historic documentary about the history of intermodal transit and the steps MoPac is taking to lead the way in the future.

When Steam Was King- 1943 steam film made by Missouri Pacific.

Block & Interlocking Signals- Training film for wayside signal aspects and indications.

Automatic Block Signal Rules- Training film for ABS rules compliance.

CTC Rules- Training film for CTC rules compliance.

67 Minutes total


Total Time: 6.6 Hours

5 Disc Set--22 Programs
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Chapter Search
Motion Menus

Package-Mopac 5Pak DVD

$59.95 $26.98 On Sale!
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