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DVD-Montana Rail Link-2 Disc Set


Also Available on BluRay format

Camera of Frank Crowe - 2-DVD Set

We begin in 2001 at Montana Rail Link’s Laurel Yard in Laurel Montana, this is the largest yard on the Montana Rail Link. See Livingston which is the mechanical heart of the MRL. It houses a turntable as well as a diesel shop that performs repairs on its busy fleet.

See trains Smoking Big Time, coming out of Mullan Tunnel which was bored in 1883 and was 5548 feet in length at the time of this filming. It was later cut back to a length of 3,426 feet. The Train crews carried oxygen masks to protect against the so called "Black Fog of Blossburg"

Missoula is a crew change point with an engine servicing facility and a large yard that serve the local area. An interesting train operating out of this yard is the "Gas Can" or "Gas Local" as it often referred to. This dedicated train transports gasoline from Thompson Falls to Missoula and operates primarily over MRL’s 10th subdivision.

Big Sky scenic shots, run-bys, pacing, switching, long trains, cuts, tunnels and bridges round out this action packed 3-hour production from the camera of Frank Crowe.

Locations Include;
East Greycliff, MT. - Big Timber, MT. - Livingston - Eller, MT. - Bozeman Tunnel - Livingston - Bozeman - Winston - Austin Creek Trestle - Skyline Trestle - Helena - Mullan Tunnel - Missoula - Granite Idaho - Libby MT. - Flathead Tunnel - Izaak Walton Inn - Glacier National Park - Havre - Shelby…


2-DVD Set: 177 Minutes - Disc-1: 86 min. Disc-2: 91 min
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Narration On / Off

Motion Menus

Google Earth Animated Satellite Maps

Note: This DVD set is formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs --

The Original Format of this DVD set is 4x3 Standard Definition!

DVD-Montana Rail Link-2 Disc Set

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