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Milwaukee Road Special - (2 Discs)


• Pacific N.W. Kaleidascope

This is a full color spectacular DVD of railroading in the 50's and 60's in the Pacific Northwest.

This suberb 16mm color footage was shot by Ted Carlson and Maynard Lange, and includes original stereo sound by Elwin Purrington.

The Milwaukee Road is the main feature in this beautiful production, but there is excellent video footage of Union Pacific, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Yakima Valley, the Seattle Trolley System, and much more! This DVD is a must for all Milwaukee Road fans and Northwest Railfans!

Approx. Run Time 62 Minutes


• Milwaukee Road Electrics (In the Rockies)

Between 1955 & 1970 the late David J. Williams III, traveled with his 16mm movie camera to the Rockies to capture electric operations on the Milwaukee Road.

Locations include: Avery, St. Regis, Missoula, Haugan Station, Pipestone Tunnel, Alberton, and Deer Lodge.

Watch Little Joes, Steeple Cabs, Box Cabs and diesels in various consists.

Bonus footage includes a General Electric promo film called, “ King of the Rails”.

58 minutes B&W and Color, music background, location graphics and no narration.

Copyright 2005 Steve Neff




Take a Cab-Ride with Milwaukee Trainman John Crosby on Number 200, Engine 189 an SD-40, on the MILWAUKEE ROAD COAST DIVISION. Othello, 208 miles from Tacoma Washington is our goal.

Number 200 is the hottest train on the railroad, timed freight tends to be carried in truck trailers and ocean containers on so called piggyback cars hauled by pig trains. 200 is a pig train, most of its freight comes out of the Port of Seattle, number 200 also tends to carry the import autos from the Port of Portland.

The Coast division was renamed Washington division in 1976, most of this Super 8mm footage is from 1978, the remainder in 1976.

See where a million dollar reefer load of uninsured Bellingham originated king crab ended up in eighty degree weather, the Railroad hired every high school kid in kidacas county to transfer that load to u-hauls. Details of the fifteen car derailment which was caused by a hot box, can be seen in John Crosby's thirty five millimeter slide collection of 343 Hi-Rez Photo's which are included in our Special Features on this Disc--Includes a 25 Minute Video Slideshow of these photo's, also included are High Rez photo's of Maps and Timetables of this operation.

Time Approx: 50 Minutes Total


• Bonus program--Pacific NW Holiday--by The Milwaukee Road

Approx: 40 Minutes


Special SALE ITEM--4 Complete Programs

Milwaukee Road Special - (2 Discs)

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