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MCS DVD-The Perils of Cheryl


The Perils of Cheryl is a unique model railroad video adventure. It’s the first “microdrama.” Definition: a microdrama is a drama in which the actors have been inserted into a model railroad layout. This adventure is set in the 1920s—the Flapper era, and our heroine wears a cool Flapper dress just like Betty Boop did.

The video is a tribute to the era of the steam locomotive AND the Flapper era AND the silent movie era. It’s reminiscent of the old “damsel in distress” movies of the silent movie era, such as The Perils of Pauline. Given that the setting for our movie is a train layout, yes, you'll see our damsel in distress being tied to the railroad tracks by an evil villain and getting saved just in time by the hero. As a matter of fact, she encounters all kinds of perils.

Wait until you see Cheryl trying to get some of the half-inch-tall plastic people on the layout to talk to her, or trying to escape zombies in a graveyard! REAL train sounds added to the Models.

Included: an informative tutorial on green screen use.

Published by Green Frog Productions, Ltd. Copyright © 2012 by MCS Investments, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or performing will be prosecuted.

Approx. Running time: 69 Minutes
Stereo Audio

MCS DVD-The Perils of Cheryl

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