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Logging Collection Special-4Pak


An in-depth look at one of the most popular model railroad subjects - the logging industry.

This video closely examines not only the operations of several logging railroads, but also how the trees were cut, loaded and then unloaded at the sawmill.

Then, to really get the creative sap flowing, we'll show how three great modelers have applied the prototype practices to their layouts. The prototype railroads featured on this video were shot with film cameras between the 1920's and the 1960's.

Featured railroads include the Westside, Rayonier, Mower, Ely-Thomas, Grasse River RR, and more.

We also visit the outstanding layouts of Bob Clarke, Dr. Charles Patti, and Lou Ullian, each predominantly built around the logging industry. All three layouts have been featured in the modeling press. They are highly detailed and exemplify the complete industry, from trees to sawmills.

Logging railroads were well known for their "make do" approach to railroading. Each of these layouts feature this approach. As a bonus, Bob Clarke will show how to make ground cover quickly and easily. Written by Tom Beaton, a recognized authority on logging railroads, this video will inspire you when the chips are down. 57 Minutes


In cooperation with the Cass Scenic Railroad of West Virginia, he has run logging trains through the woods, up switchbacks, and with double headed trains!

The Spectaculars ran in spring, fall and winter. Carl, along with his friend Robert Flack, captured some of the most fantastic material ever shot of logging trains on 16mm film. In this DVD you will see Shay’s #2, #3, #4, #5, and Heisler #6 work logging trains up to lofty Bald Knob (4,842 ft.).

You’ll also witness action with Western Maryland Shay #6 on the Durbin branch, (the now extinct ex-C&O Greenbriar branch). The winter shots are really spectacular, some in blinding blizzards!.. and the spring and fall shots will also take your breath away! Besides breathtaking runbys, there is action of each of these trains filmed from special photo trains, as well as the traditional all steam train race near the Cass station!

There are NO tourist trains in these shots...just logging trains! In addition, this DVD includes more than 15 minutes of film from the predecessor to the Cass, the Mower Lumber Company. This 16mm color footage shows actual logging operations of Mower and other footage from Cass, shot by photographer Robert Flack!
The Mower Company footage includes log loaders and skidders, log trains being loaded, switched, dumped, and logs being dragged by the “green chain” into the mill!... in fact just the Mower footage is worth the price of this DVD!!!...its that good! 89 Minutes


The Last Steam Powered Sawmill

The State of Oregon hosts one of the very last steam operated sawmills in the U.S. This huge complex is served by a standard gauge railroad, itself operating vintage GP-9 diesels. We'll take you on a tour of the workings of the sawmill.

We'll follow the logs from delivery, to the mill pond, to debarking, sawing, edging, sorting, and finished goods. We'll even take you into the boiler house where you'll witness a by-gone era of steam engines and boilers built around the turn of the century.
If you are interested in or model the logging industry you won't want to miss this fantastic DVD! Approx. 25 Minutes

Includes Bonus DVD--End of an Era

(1962) Rayonier Lumber operations, Steam logging trains. Last run of old #90 and Baldwin replacement. 18 Minutes


Special SALE ITEM--4 Complete Programs

Logging Collection Special-4Pak

$32.98 $14.84 On Sale!
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