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Package-DVD-Live Steam Spectacular (5 PAK)

The Canton, St. Paul & Pacific Railway

A 1 1/2" scale live steam railroad. The phrase "live steam" refers to any scale model that operates on steam power in the same manner as the full size prototype. "Live steam" can be stationary boilers, traction engines, boats, and, in our case, railroad locomotives.

Throughout the history of live steam railroading, scale steam locomotives have comprised the majority of locomotives being built by hobbyists; however, in more recent years, more enthusiasts are building scale models of modern diesel-electric locomotives. Unlike scale steam engines which operate exactly like their full size counterparts, these are usually gasoline or electrically powered.

Located on twelve acres of virgin forest that are protected by the Southeast Regional Land Conservancy, our railroad was built and is maintained by a handful of hard working members using mostly hand tools, picks, shovels, and steam or diesel locomotive power. The track gauge is 7 1/2" inches. Live steam locomotives and rolling stock are generally built by individuals in their free time in their own machine shops. Equipment is transported to and from the railroad with pickup trucks, trailers, etc.

Includes a Bonus Disc with Extra footage, behind the scenes, details of the Railway, plus time lapse condensed footage of operations and runs on the entire Railway!

Visit the CStP&P website--http://www.csppry.org (2-Disc DVD Set)

Disc-1 89 Min   Disc-2 52 Min

Train Mountain Museum

Train Mountain is located in Southern Oregon near Chiloquin. Green Frog was invited to the spring, 1996 Train Meet. With over 200 acres of track operation, a huge yard, locomotive storage and maintenance facilities that would make a real railroad pale by comparison, and construction buildings and techniques that rival the main lines of the full size railroads.

2000 acres are being developed to contain the most extravagant live steam operation ever dreamed of! During your visit to Train Mountain, you'll see all these facilities, such as locomotive shops, car building shops, track building operations, ballast trains, and of course the train operations themselves. Some of the most beautiful steam (and diesel) engines you've seen are owned and operated by individuals who help work and operate at Train Mountain.

You'll witness actual construction going on as train operations revolve around these activities. We'll take you out on the mainline, which already takes a good hour to travel around, and we'll meet with other trains as well. Approx. 43 Minutes

Train Mountain Museum 2000

If you enjoyed our original Train Mountain Museum DVD, then you'll really love Train Mountain Museum 2000. There is now 75,000 feet of track on the ground making it the largest 1 1/2 ' gauge road in the world....the main line is now more than ten miles long!!...most of it double track!!

The Ellingson Turntable has 32 steaming bays and storage tracks that can accommodate up to 107 locomotives! Crisp Yard has another 24 steaming bays, and the main yard has 58 drive through sidings from 60 to 150 long. The railroad can handle 300 trains! Approx. 61 Minutes

Live Steam in Florida 2002

Join the Green Frog cameras in fast paced live steam action on the following railroads:

Lockhart & Lakewood Forest: Bob Zuckerman has built almost 1000 feet of track on his own property, and the layout provides great action as the tracks roam around his home. Also included: Bob's fine railroadiana collection.

Manatee Central Railroad: The video taken covers Larry Smith's property, who jointly operates with two other landowners. Tunnels, steaming bay, view of inside machine shop, long runs, passing sidings, a lake and many bridges featured.

Ridge Live Steamers: Richard Dobler's operations, located in Central Florida on an old Orange Grove. Long bridges, fast track, a steaming bay, as well as great operation featuring long trains on 2600 feet of track, plus additional 4000 feet in sidings and yards.

Largo Central Railroad: Largest operation visited during this whirlwind tour...located in Largo, Florida. Club features 1.2 miles of main line track in beautifully landscaped Largo Central Park. Great steaming bays, a large yard, junctions, stations, and passing sidings are featured. 55 Minutes

5 DVD Set

Total Run Time--Approx: 5 Hours--300 Minutes

Package-DVD-Live Steam Spectacular (5 PAK)

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