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Southern Pacific SouthWest Odyssey (1990s) Jenko-DVD


Also on BluRay format

Collection of Dennis Jenko - 2-Disc Set

Semaphores and Summits, Cuts and Curves… the Southern Pacific Sunset route from Deming NM to Red Rock AZ offers plenty of interesting and classic action. With three major summits even well powered trains or trains with helpers fight to conquer the over 1% grades.

Operations between Tucson and Mescal are unique with the eastbound or #2 track following the Pantano wash on the original SP right of way with it’s many curves and active semaphore signals, curves limiting speeds to around 25 MPH.

The westbound or #1 track is the former El Paso & Southwestern built much later, it takes the tops of the ridge lines with numerous cuts and fills and is good for 70 MPH running. The two lines cross over each other on a spectacular bridge that can be used as a backdrop from almost any direction.

See pool power, first generation SP and DRGW power, and new power up to the G.E. AC units. Units with operating Mars lights and units still in SPSF merger colors are a real bonus!

Some of the locations covered are: Deming NM, Lordsburg NM, Steins NM, San Simon AZ, Bowie AZ, Wilcox AZ, Dragoon AZ, Benson AZ, Mescal AZ, Vail AZ, Tucson AZ, and Red Rock AZ.

Great classic Southern Pacific action from the early 1990’s on this over three hour, two disc set!


Dennis Jenko left the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad in 1988, after 20 years as a locomotive engineer on the Illinois Division. In 1990 Dennis purchased a professional camcorder and began to capture all his favorite railroads. With family in Tucson he made quite a few trips to Arizona to capture Southern Pacific, and Santa Fe. Although Emery Gulash filmed Santa Fe, he never got down to the SP, but Dennis did. We hope you enjoy this look at an often overlooked part of the Southern Pacific.

Don’t miss this Super action packed program, Tons of Classic Southern Pacific train action and more from the early 1990’s, from the collection of Dennis Jenko!

2-Disc Set
Approx. 193 Minutes - 3.2 hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
On screen Graphic descriptions
Chapter Menus


Note: This DVD set has been down-converted from our High Definition Video Master, and formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs -- This DVD set will properly play on Wide-screen televisions as 16x9 and on 4x3 televisions as pan & scan 4x3!

The Original Format of this program is 4x3 SD SVHS format


Southern Pacific SouthWest Odyssey (1990s) Jenko-DVD

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