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DVD HA-NS Heritage Units (Freight Action)


Camera of Harold Holmes

You will see 16 of the 20 NS Heritage units plus the NS 6920 all on the point. Missing are the NS 1068 ERIE, NS 8098 Conrail, NS 8099 Southern & NS 8102 Pennsylvania.

Loco’s & Trains included;
NS 1065 S&A NS Grain & NS Bloomington Local
NS 1066 NYC mixed freight on the CP
NS 1067 Reading Oil train with the 1069 on the BNSF
NS 1069 Virginian auto parts train on the NS
NS 1070 Wabash Our train on the BNSF
NS 1071 Jersey Central Lines Oil train on the BNSF
NS 1072 IT oil train on the BNSF
NS 1073 Penn Central Oil train with 1066 as DPU on the BNSF
NS 1074 Lackawanna Triple Crown on the NS
NS 8025 Monongahela Oil train-1 with 1074 on BNSF
NS 8100 NKP Oil train on the BNSF
NS 8101 Central of Georgia Oil train on the BNSF
NS 8103 N&W Stack train on the BNSF
NS 8104 Lehigh Valley Coal train on the NS
NS 8105 Interstate-1 Shot Auto parts train on the NS
NS 8114 Original NS Mixed freight on the NS & UP
Plus the NS 6920 Honoring Our Veterans Loco

*Please note that this footage has been released within other Holmes DVD programs*


Total Time Approx. 77 Minutes
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Chapter Menus

Harold Holmes
P.O. Box 124
Hudson, IL 61748
Email: hthvp@yahoo.com


This DVD is formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs --

The Original Format of this program is 16x9 widescreen Standard Definition

(DVD-R or +R Disc format)

DVD HA-NS Heritage Units (Freight Action)

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