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DVD-Rail Industry Films


From Greg Scholl Video Productions

Rail Industry Films is a collection of FOUR old company railroad 16mm films. These classic programs depict various aspects of railroading, from the making of railroad parts to servicing the mighty New York Central Hudson steam locomotives.


IN STEP WITH THE TIMES - is a 1946 color program by American Steel Foundries showing the testing of their new trucks for freight cars. Watch special test trains pull the ASF test cars which provide data and images of their wheels and suspensions in action. Along the away you will see a variety of Railroad scenes in this show. Narrated with music Approx. 24 minutes

THE POWER TO STOP - is another color program from American Steel Foundries. This program shows testing of ASF brakes and talks about stopping passenger trains. See 100 mph tests using a Milwaukee Road Hiawatha type steam engine, plus other locomotives in this 1940's show. Approx. 29 minutes

ON TO WASHINGTON - is a publicity show from the Pennsylvania Railroad, and is in Black and White. It was likely made in the late 1930's or early 1940's. There was no audio, but does include title pages, and we have added a music track. It mainly shows sights of Washington, DC and some trains are shown including inside of passenger cars to show the comforts of traveling on the PRR. Approx. 20 minutes

THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE - is a 1948 program by the New York Central, showing all aspects of their famous Hudson type 4-6-4 steam locomotives. This film is also black and white, and is narrated. You will enjoy all aspects of servicing and operations of these beautiful steam engines, including many action shots. This show is a must for any avid steam fan and is our personal favorite of these 4 programs. Approx. 20 Minutes

Total Time Approx. 93 minutes (plus previews of other vintage programs) Copyright - 2006 GSVP

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

(Stamped DVD)


Produced By - Greg Scholl Video Productions © 2006

DVD-Rail Industry Films

copyright © greenfrog productions limited •  • all rights reserved