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DVD-Fallen Flags In The 90s-Vol4


Also Available on BluRay format

From the camera of Steve Neff

Green Frog Productions continues with our popular Fallen Flags Series recorded in the 1990’s.

Volume-4 contains ex-Burlington Northern GP50’s being used by another fallen flag railroad, the Indiana and Ohio. Other fallen flags making cameo appearances are the Rio Grande, Southern Pacific and Grand Trunk.

The majority of this program features Conrail before it was split in two by NS and CSX. Even though CSX, NS, and Union Pacific are not fallen flags, we’ve included run-by’s in some of their earlier paint schemes and pre wide-cab diesel loco’s.

You’ll see a mixture of older power including GP50’s, GP30’s, C30-7’s, and SD40-2s. You’ll see a run-by of a pair of Conrail SD80-MAC’s. Only 30 of this model were ever produced by the EMD Division of General Motors.

See mostly graffiti free freight cars from this time period. In addition to fallen flag roads, many of the owners of trailers on flat cars are no longer in business today. We’ve included some Bonus footage of Decatur, ILL. which includes scenes taken at Lake Decatur and WABIC Tower. You’ll see NS, CSX and Illinois Central trains working around the diamond at WABIC Tower.

Ohio locations included are; Leipsic, Springfield, Dayton, Sidney, Quincy, Enon, Snyderville, Tremont City, Mosquito Trestle, Morris Diamond (Lima), Swanders, and Hardin…

Approx. Time: 86 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Narration On / Off

Motion Menus

Note: This DVD is formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs --

The Original Format of this DVD is 4x3 Standard Definition!

DVD-Fallen Flags In The 90s-Vol4

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