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DVD-Fallen Flags In The 90s-Vol1

Also Available on BluRay format

From the camera of Steve Neff

View highlights of the 1990's in this review of events and fallen flag railroads that took place during this decade. Most of the action is in Western Ohio but will also include street running in both Lafayette Indiana and Erie Pennsylvania, which in both cases, is no longer possible because the rails have been removed from the streets.

See Rockville Bridge in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Witness the last runs of the Amtrak's Capitol LTD and Broadway LTD in Lima Ohio. See the last DT&I that we ever saw still in Orange Paint with Black DT&I lettering in Durand Michigan.

Watch Erie jointed rail being removed from the right of way near Fairborn Ohio. View an Indiana and Ohio Excursion Train run in the Springfield area.

Locomotives from the Grand Trunk, Conrail, and pre-CSX era are shown. Fallen flag rail cars will be in abundance with 98% of those without graffiti. See mail and trailer trains, manifest trains, auto rack and auto parts trains, grain and coal trains.

See the EMD SD70M demonstrators in action as well as the Conrail Operation Life Saver train being pulled by E8 diesels. Watch a GE center cab diesel kick empty coal cars around near a now offline coal fired plant in Miamisburg Ohio. See a public relations Amtrak train in both Columbus and Springfield Ohio trying to drum up business for Amtrak travel on the 3-C Corridor between Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

Watch a snafu in Quincy Ohio where there is a 3 way meet between a Conrail TV Train and two Grand Trunk trains and see how this stalemate situation unfolds. View a CSX detour train from the CSX Toledo sub roll past Cold Springs Tower near Springfield and gain access to Cincinnati via the Conrail Cincinnati Line.

In addition to the locations mentioned above also see locations such as Bellefontaine, Ada, DeGraff Curve, Jackson Center, Hamler, Caledonia, Maitland, and Marysville.

Disc1- 55 Minutes

Disc2- 54 Minutes

Two Disc Set

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Note: This DVD set is formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs --

The Original Format of this DVD set is 4x3 Standard Definition!

DVD-Fallen Flags In The 90s-Vol1

$29.98 $13.49 On Sale!
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