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DVD-Twilight of Classic Traction (1930s & 1940s)


Also Available on BluRay format

Golden Twilight of Classic Traction
Trolleys in the 1930s and 1940s
(The Films of Frank W. Schlegel)

Frank Schlegel was a pioneer in shooting trolley and railway movies. Shortly after eight-millimeter cameras, projectors, and film were introduced in the very early 1930s, he was out on the streets of Queens shooting footage of the New York and Queens County Railway.

As films and cameras improved, he widened his orbit, particularly of trolley operations, to include the Public Service trolleys across the Hudson River in New Jersey, and the legendary Lehigh Valley Transit north of Philadelphia for a number of visits and fan-trips over the years. But he always returned to New York City and its boroughs—the Third Avenue Elevated, the Third Avenue Railway, and the New York Railways.

These scenes are historically significant not only for recording long-gone trolley equipment and facilities, but also for showing road vehicles, buildings, and people from a long vanished era decades ago --- Mostly Black & White, some Color at the end!


Public Service of New Jersey
Lehigh Valley Transit
Third Avenue Elevated
Streetcars in New York City


Note: This program has two audio tracks -Track one has Narration with Projector Sound and Music - Track two has Narration with Projector sound!


8mm - HD Digital Film Transfer
Approx. 93 Minutes

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Motion Menus
Chapter Search


Note: This DVD has been down-converted from our High Definition Video Master, and formatted for both Wide-screen and 4x3 TVs -- This DVD will properly play on Wide-screen televisions as 16x9 and on 4x3 televisions as pan & scan 4x3

DVD-Twilight of Classic Traction (1930s & 1940s)

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