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Chicago Rails Special

Chicago Odyssey Volume-1

Where else in the U.S. can one find so much railroad action but in Chicago...especially in the 1950's and 60's!

World respected rail photographer Emery Gulash began capturing prolific amounts of action in and near the Chicago area from the early 50's.

There are 15 railroads portrayed in Volume 1 such as: Santa Fe, CB&Q, Northern Pacific, Great Northern, Chicago & Northwestern Indiana, Milwaukee Road, Rock Island, North Shore, Grand Trunk, GM&O, Illinois Central, Monon, Norfolk & Western, C&EI, and C&O.

In the mid-fifties, to be a railfan in Chicago, there was no limit to the majestic views of railroads, Exotic first generation diesels, sparkling consists of the new streamlined passenger trains, well maintained track work...these were all the things that truly excited the railfan of that time...and Emery Gulash was no exception.

Filmed in crisp, bright 16mm color, witness the end of steam on a few roads and the birth of the diesel as the mainstay of power for freight and passenger.

See typical incredible Emery Gulash photography, coupled with the Frog's fast paced editing, this is a collectors item you've just got to have!

Approx. Run Time 2 hours - (Pt1 & Pt2)

With the Magic of Powerful Digital Hardware, this program has been Re-Mastered and Enhanced from HD and our original D-2 Broadcast Masters!


Chicago Odyssey Volume-2

Volume 2 takes over where Volume 1 left off, in early 1962. In this fantastic two disc set, we will see the end of individualized passenger service, and the beginnings of Amtrak.

The 'Amtrak in Transition' portion of this DVD is worth the price of this set alone!

Before Amtrak, we will see passenger trains from: Milwaukee Road, CB&Q, Santa Fe, Penn Central, Gulf, Mobile and Ohio, Grand Trunk, Great Northern, Northern Pacific (and eventually the Burlington Northern), and Illinois Central.

Of course we haven't forgotten you freight fans either. You'll see freight on most of the railroads mentioned above as well on: Chicago & North Western, Soo Line, Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, Indiana Harbor Belt, Rock Island, Chicago & Eastern Illinois. There are cameo appearances on the Chesapeake & Ohio as well as the Baltimore & Ohio.

And in between all this, we'll catch commuter action on many of these roads as well: the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend, Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee, and the Chicago Transit Authority. You'll witness the changes in motive power and equipment on many of these commuter lines.

Finally, we end our tour of Chicago in 1973. We'll continue to watch the ever changing scene in both motive power, passenger and freight, as well as the Chicago skyline.

Approx. Running Time 2 1/2 Hours - (Pt1 & Pt2)

With the Magic of Powerful Digital Hardware, this program has been Re-Mastered and Enhanced from HD and our original D-2 Broadcast Masters!


Special SALE ITEM--4 Complete Programs

Chicago Rails Special

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