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Package-DVD-CSX Special (Collectors Package)


DISC # 1

CSX-Magnolia Cut-Off- Photographed by videographer Steve Neff. The B&O Magnolia Cutoff was located on the former Cumberland Division East End (now CSX's Baltimore Division/East). During the fall of 1992, Steve Neff traveled over the entire double track high line capturing the beauty, power and excitement of this spectacular area.

CSX 1-Atlanta to Chattanooga- Action between Atlanta and Chattanooga will keep you on the edge of your seat. Train meets, branch line operation, yard activity, 'Hot Shots', Wide Cabs, Intermodal's, Pig Trains.. 115 Minutes


DISC # 2

CSX 2-Chattanooga to Nashville- Takes you from Chattanooga to Nashville over one of the most spectacular railroad divisions in the U.S. You'll see tremendous action on CSX's Chattanooga Subdivision through Cowan Tunnel, across Cumberland Mountain.

CSX 3-Nashville to Louisville- Takes you through the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky. You'll also visit two ex-L&N branch lines. We'll take you to the R.J. Corman Railroad where brightly painted GP-9's and CF-7's can be found. Then the Frog cameras will visit the 11 mile long Kentucky Railroad Museum, where an ex-L&N 4-6-2 shows off its stuff with a string of ex-L&N passenger cars in scenes reminiscent of the 40's. 117 Minutes


DISC # 3

CSX 4-Louisville to Cincinnati- Filled with beautiful Appalachian scenery, as photographed in fall colors. Typical of this exciting division, are fantastic bridges, tunnels, and fast paced action. You'll travel the line from yard to yard, as we find out what makes this division so attractive to railfans everywhere.

CSX 5-Evansville to Chicago- This one covers action between Evansville, Indiana and Chicago, IL. Fast paced action at the Ohio River bridge, night action at the Evansville yard; Vincennes, Indiana; Terra Haute, and more. See units from UP, Soo, GTW, Amtrak, EJ&E, Conrail and more! The CSX series has become our most popular series ever! 117 Minutes


DISC # 4

CSX 6-Pittsburgh to Willard, Ohio- Follow over 200 miles of track through beautiful fall scenery on this journey from Pittsburgh to Willard, Ohio. We'll visit rail operations in Pittsburgh, junction of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers, Rochester, New Castle, PA, Youngstown, Ravenna, Kent, Clinton, Greenwich, and finally Willard, Ohio. We'll also visit Akron, Ohio, and make a short stop by the yard at Willard.

CSX 7-Jacksonville to Plant City, Florida- The junction at Plant City serves CSX's access to the Bone Valley area, where phosphate mines and plants abound. This DVD emphasizes the dramatic differences in train make-up, including the famous 'Juice Trains'.. 113 Minutes


DISC # 5

CSX 8-Baltimore Service Lane-Cumberland Business Unit- Travel with Green Frog through mountains, CSX shops, and a bit of steam on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad as we follow more CSX operations.

CSX 9-Willard to Deshler, Ohio- You'll see the addition of a new main, an expansion addition to the yard at Willard, and contractors installing new track and new signaling systems, as well as action in the engine service facilities, including power being turned on the turntable. We'll also catch action at Deshler where the old B&O crossed its own line, at one time considered 'The Crossroads of America'. 114 Minutes


DISC # 6

CSX 10-Augusta to Spartanburg- You'll see heavy freight action with helpers at the rear on Clark Hill, Sneads Hill and Ora Hill. We'll take you on a cab ride, catch an Amtrak special and freight action over the high steel trestle at Enoree, we'll visit the yards at both ends of the line.

CSX 11-Greenwood to Atlanta (Abbeville Sub.)- Travel with Green Frog on an action packed trip over CSX's Abbeville Sub. This DVD picks up at Greenwood, South Carolina and covers the line all the way to Atlanta. Spectacular coverage of the long bridge over the Hartwell Reservoir, train meets, action at Abbeville (crew change), fast runbys, as well as some archival footage from the early 80's of scenes in and around Atlanta, including the now defunct New Georgia Railroad... 144 Minutes   BONUS-- cab ride action


DISC # 7

CSX 12-Pennsylvania & Western Maryland-Fall Spectacular- You will see beautiful Fall color action at Cumberland and Corriganville, Maryland, Mance, Foley, Glencoe, Fall Cut Tunnel, Confluence, Ohio Pyle, Sand Patch, and Glade City, Pennsylvania, Harpers Ferry, VA....and much more! 84 Minutes

CSX 13-The Big Sandy (Sub)- Our trip takes us along the main line between Paintsville, Kentucky and Elkhorn City at the Virginia border. Then we'll visit the coal yards of Martin and Shelby, Kentucky. Next we'll climb into the cab and ride aboard a set of pushers behind a coal train from Shelby over the Pine Mountains into Virginia. 85 Minutes


DISC # 8

CSX 14-Selkirk (Albany), New York- The Capital District and the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys- We will explore the CSX lines that converge into this tremendous facility including the River Line, the Hudson Line, and the Boston Line. The scenery is among the finest to be found anywhere in the east, including the Hudson River, the Berkshire Mountains, and the Mohawk Valley.

The action was captured during all four seasons, from the lush foliage of spring and summer, through the brilliant colors of autumn, and finally, to the bone-crunching cold of winter.

CSX 15-Clinchfield Autumn Spectacular- Go deep into the valleys of eastern Kentucky, western Virginia, and eastern Tennessee as Rich Scheid and the Green Frog cameras follows the Kingsport line of CSX--formerly the Clinchfield Railroad. Enjoy real mountain railroading as CSX trains, many of them behind GE and EMD alternating current locomotives, move relentlessly through the Blue Ridge Mountains of the three states. Helper service abounds! 119 Minutes


8 DVD Set--Almost 17 Hours
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Chapter Search
Narration on/off

Bonus Cab Rides

Package-DVD-CSX Special (Collectors Package)

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