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DVD-Building the HON3 RGS Pt2


Also Available on BluRay

In this program, we’ll cover the construction of the coaling ramp and the coal storage facilities at Rico. We’ll cover the construction of the Rico station and the smaller buildings in the same area. We’ll show you how we built the backdrop for

We’ll scratch build a really neat structure of an “old” gasoline station of the 30's. Our artist Pat Lemmerman will blend in some hand painted scenery to our photo mural backdrop.
We’ll take on the task of adding the fascia board along a major section of the bench work. We’ll show you how we built hundreds of pine trees. We used photos of structures found in the area as a backdrop for our town of Rico. A neat looking house was found in the area, and we’ll scratch build that structure as well. We’ll add some additional scratch built structures as well as adding appropriate scenery.

The station and the water tank at Rico, will add to the scene. At Ridgeway, the railroad built a seven stall roundhouse, and we’ll show you how that was built, along with a turntable. We’ll add the bench work, fascia board, and the structures and scenery at Lizard Head. A bridge crosses over a small creek
in this area, and we’ll construct that as well as some scenery
in this area.

Since we’ll have some structures across the tracks at Rico, we’ll need to build a small road across the river. And we’ll continue adding more scenery to this area.
Order # 20150dvd Approx. 60 Minutes
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Computer Rom Feature: Put this Disc into your personal computer,
and you can access the file of the layout plan of Jim Hoffmans expanded Model Railroad
as well as lots of High Rez Photos...

Once you have loaded this Disc in your computer just copy any of the Picture files or Layout Plan to your desktop or to a location on your hard drive, and then you can print them out or view them at high resolution...

Note: This DVD has been down-converted from our High Definition Video Master, and formatted for a Wide-screen 16x9 TV -- This DVD will properly play on Wide-screen televisions and 4x3 televisions as pan & scan or Letterbox!

DVD-Building the HON3 RGS Pt2

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