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DVD-Building the D&RG vol3 (Chama)
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In this program, we'll first lay out the yard for Chama right on the floor.
Next we'll construct the bench-work for Chama along two walls around the corner from our scene of Gato. We'll build a turntable kit and modify the bridge for narrow gauge track.

The next step is to construct the roadbed between Gato and Chama, Plaster gauze will be added to the scene, and zip texturing comes next.

Then, we'll scratch build the Chama Roundhouse and machine shop. The roundhouse and turntable module will be dropped into the newly completed bench-work. Shrubs, bushes and ground cover will be added to the scene leading to Chama.

We'll scratch build the Chama station from commercial wood, plastic sheet and windows. Then we'll set the station in place and scenic around the structure. Chama had an oil facility served by tank cars, and we'll scratch build that next.
The yard will be blended with the painted backdrop and large Cotton Wood trees. Shrubs, grasses and more Cotton Wood trees will be added along the wall. We'll take a ride between Durango and Chama over our newly extended sections.....finally arriving at Chama.

**COMPUTER ROM FEATURE-Load this DVD into your PC for HIGH-RES photos of the layout which you can print out on your own printer.
Approx. 53 Minutes
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

DVD-Building the D&RG vol3 (Chama)

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