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Package-BluRAY-RR Promos2 (Film Collectors Set)


Also available on DVD format

Disc 1... Meet Uncle Pete: (1965) Crew visits about future of Railroads, Railroad competition, Turbines, Shops & Hump Yard. 44 Minutes

Modern Pace in Transportation: Mopac shows Freight, Passenger, runbys, early Mopac trucking & Shipping operations. 17 Minutes

MoPac Delivers: (1970s) Promotional Film - Welded Rail installation, MOW equipment, Wheel Shops, Hump Yards and more. 25 Minutes

New Face for Casey: (1960) History of Railroads in Ohio, Railroad Innovations - CTC, Classification Yards and more. 27 Minutes

Disc 2... Once upon the Wabash: (1953) The Bluebird, modern Railroading of the era. 25 Minutes

Opening a New Frontier: (1955) Piggyback Operation, GG-1s, early RR history. 13 Minutes

Pacific NW Holiday: Milwaukee, 1954 Classic Milwaukee Road, The Olympian Hiawatha onboard and outside the Train, Scenic Tours in & around Seattle. 40 Minutes

Painted Canyons: UP Railroad Travelogue. 35 Minutes

Disc 3... Pennsy: RR Promo Making a case for Railroads and their contributions to U.S. Business and Transportation. 5 Minutes

Progress on the Rails: (1952) Glimpses of 1850 travel with John Bull. Modern tech advances of the day, Speed control & detector cars. 16 Minutes

Santa Fe Railway: (1970) The Argentine Yard - A Design for Tomorrow, Modern Yard technology and operation of the time, Hump operation and aerial shots. 16 Minutes

Southland Empire: (1964) UPRR Hilights of Southern California, Scenery, Industry, Sports. 20 Minutes


Beautiful Frame by Frame transfers of these films to HD, these films have never looked so good, see all the detail on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Audio has been Stereo Enhanced, Equalized, and Tweaked, Video has been Enhanced, Color Corrected, and tweaked for an Ultimate viewing and Listening Experience!

...16mm Frame by Frame Film transfers to 1080i High Definition

...Original Film Soundtracks

Total Time Approx. 4.7 Hours--Dolby digital 2.0 Stereo


Note: This Blu-Ray BD-R Disc set is compatible with the (Blu-Ray) format, and will play on Most Blu-Ray players in full 1080i HD (including the Sony Playstation 3).

This set has been tested on Numerous Blu-Ray players for compatibility with the Blu-Ray Format! You MUST have a (Blu-Ray) Player to play this video Disc set - this video set will not play on regular DVD Players, nor on Regular Up Converting DVD Players ---


3 Disc Set--12 Programs
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Chapter Search
Motion Menus

Package-BluRAY-RR Promos2 (Film Collectors Set)

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