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DVD-Scratch Building Structures VOL1
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In this video program we'll show you how to build four structures from scratch.
We'll show you:

(1) a small boiler house;

(2) offices attached to a roundhouse that house the shop foreman and that include great detail and interesting roof arrangement:

(3) a repair facility with complete interior detail, including lighting, an interesting removable roof, and a small lean-to attached to one side. This building also includes some rather interesting window arrangements

(4) a passenger and freight station which is built as if it were sliced down the middle...since there was not enough room for a complete building.

The construction of these structures were taken from the original programs of our very popular series on Building the Rio Grande Southern, but more detail about the construction of each item is shown in this program.

DVD BONUS -- Put this DVD into your Computer and get access to High Rez Photos which you can Print Out...

Approx. Run Time-63 Minutes
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Slide Show
Rom Feature - High Rez Pictures on your Computer

DVD-Scratch Building Structures VOL1

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