South Shore Line

"The Last Interurban in the United States is the official railfan slogan for this line; it has kept running through all sorts of diversity, and continues to keep passengers and freight moving. Gone, however, are the electric box cabs and the Little Joes that once plied the rails here.

"The footage was taken in the 1970's by Dan Morris when the old orange cars and Little Joes were still in operation, and Dan recorded trains between Chicago (the western end of the line) to South Bend, Indiana.

"We see the durable cars, built by Standard Steel Car Co. and Pullman, acquired between 1926 and 1929. We also get a view of the Michigan City shops, offices and yards, as well as street running with freights and passenger trains (you see railroad signals positioned next to a pedestrian sidewalk in a residential neighborhood).

"The video includes all the things a film like this should: all types of operations, the Little Joes, the ex-Chessie GP7s, the new passenger equipment and more. There are also excellent maps of the system shown.

"If you've never witnessed this electric line, this video gives you a chance to do so without leaving your comfortable couch. It's a pleasant and affordable way to railfan!" - S gaugian

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