The Rio Grande Southern: Modeling the Prototype

"This new video is unique in using a layout to tell the story of a prototype railroad. Shots of Duane Danielson's beautiful On3 RGS layout are combined with black and white photos of the prototype from Mallory Hope Ferrell's collection and color videos of the area today.

"The narration begins with a brief history of the RGS. You are then shown into Duane's home in Phoenix, Arizona for the layout tour. You watch On3 locomotives 22, 40 and 42, triple headed, pull a stock special, and watch a locomotive fueled at the Rico coal pocket as #455 runs past the Pro Patria Mill. The tour continues through Trout Lake, with a side trip to Telluride.

"As I watched, I became more and more impressed with the realistic vegetation on the layout. Duane obligingly stops his tour, and explains in detail how he makes evergreen trees using rope and wire. He has made over 3000 of them so far. The tape resumes with a trip to Dolores, and views of a sound-equipped On3 Goose running by. The tape ends with video of #346 in steam at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado.

"This tape is a real turn-on. I was inspired by Duane's beautiful and realistic modeling. The views of Duane's layout, the historic photos, and the present day videos gave me a better understanding of the RGS. I think you will enjoy this new video from Green Frog." Bob Brown - Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette

"Green Frog has done an outstanding job of producing a video that combines modeling the RGS with a history of the railroad and a tour of many of the actual locations is southern Colorado as they appear today. This 60-minute VHS tape focuses on the RGS, but it's also an interesting story of how one model railroad was successfully built to reflect an actual railroad at a specific moment in time. Even if you're not a devotee of narrow gauge railroading you can still enjoy this video's outstanding presentation of layout planning and construction." Lee Vande Visse - Model Railroader

"The narrow gauge "flavor" is certainly strong with the RGS: the appeal probably comes from the line being essentially a short line in which you can come to grips with the 162 miles of trackage. The scenery has to play a role in the appeal as well. Scenery along the line is spectacular. The line was isolated and thus information on it was probably harder to come by (intrigue?), and it had a big share of financial problems which appeals to the underdog mentality in all of us.

"Add to that the numerous silver and gold mines (revenue-producers for our model railroads), 142 bridges for variety, 4% grades for excitement and four mountain passes for even more excitement and scenery. There you have the RGS, and perhaps that's an appeal of this tape, too.

"Yes, this 60-minute tape is devoted to Duane Danielson's On3 pike, but the tape provides drama, entertainment and information all in one. After watching the tape, I'd vote it "AAA" in visual and informational appeal. It's very well done." Sn3 Modeler

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