Painting Backdrops

"Painting Backdrops by Green Frog Productions is a step-by-step videotape guide for the model railroader turned scenic artist. Greg Gray is the artist who guides the viewer through this process. The sleeve notes state that he has painted over 30 backdrops.

"The tape runs for 80 minutes, twice as long as many hobby videos. The extra time allows Greg to explain and demonstrate his techniques at a comfortable pace. Indeed, viewers may find the first few minutes of the tape move too slowly, but it picks up and the information is worth waiting for.

"Starting with a blank wall, Greg shows step-by-step how to paint a backdrop for Durango, Colo. I felt the equipment, techniques, and explanations were appropriate for most modelers. The finished painting makes a fine addition to the modeled scene and represents a level of quality that should be within the reach of someone who follows the methods described.

"Included with the tape is a list of recommended paint colors for such item as undercoat and ground, trees and bushes, sky, and clouds.

"This is a tape you'll want to watch several times and even while painting your own backdrop. If you can't take your television and VCR down to the layout room, you might want to practice on a small canvas near the TV." - George Sebastian-Coleman, associate editor, Model Railroader

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