The Pennsylvania Railroad

"If you've ever wanted to step back in time to see big-time classic railroading, Green Frog's new videotape, The Pennsylvania Railroad, is the way to go. It's a 60-minute color program made from original 16-mm film taken by Emery Gulash from the mid-1950's to the 1968 Penn Central merger.

"The action begins as a set of Baldwin "Centipede" helpers heads through Tunnel Hill, Pa., on their way downgrade toward Horse Shoe Curve. In a series of high-level telephoto views, the camera follows the helpers downhill and then captures a steady parade of typical PRR trains on the four-track main line. One memorable sequence shows a pair of Electro-Motive Division E7's leading a long westbound Duquesne upgrade as a slow-moving eastbound freight is overtaken by another eastbound manifest!

"Pennsy steam was nearly gone by 1954, but some 2-10-0 Decapods are shown in yard service around Hollidaysburg, Pa. First-generation diesels are the main "actors," as Alco, Baldwin, EMD, and General Electric locomotives appear in their original mainline freight roles. Most passenger trains are led by EMD E units in A-A or A-B-A combinations, and the Broadway Linited naturally appears with a full train of matched Tuscan Red equipment.

"Electric fans aren't forgotten either. In one memorable segment of the tape there's footage of ancient P5 boxcabs, several GG1 and E44 locomotives, Florida-bound passenger trains, and commuter trains made up of Silverliner and vintage MP54 multiple-unit cars.

"Modelers will find a wealth of information in this tape, as it shows typical PRR trains working in their normal environments. Numerous paint schemes appear on a variety of rolling stock, cabin cars (cabooses), and locomotives.

"This video's photographic work is technically excellent, and the added electronic sound effects fit perfectly. To Pennsy fans, this program will be a quick hour." Jim Hediger - Model Railroader

"I should tell you right off that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Pennsylvania Railroad fan. Therefore, very little that has ever been done about the PRR has displeased me. I love it all, and this tape is no exception. But this tape, frankly, has the touch of one of the masters - Emery Gulash - who began to chronicle the Pennsy in 1952. This is a can't miss film." Dr. Robert B. Marvin - The Model Train Trader

"The quality of the 16 mm footage is such that it looks like it was shot yesterday, and then professionally transferred to video. The video is heaven for every true Pennsy fan, and might even convert a few non-believers to the Standard Railroad." DelMarVa Model Railroad Club

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